Starting Writerjudy,Inc.

One would think in a economic down turn, that it would not be the best time to start a business, but that could not be further from the truth.  Perhaps when the the job market is at its worst, there is nothing to lose.

That is what I decided.  I had already gotten laid off from a job enjoyed so how hard could working for myself be?  I was a risk taker with an entrepreneurial spirit so why not take the leap.  Why not just spend a little time and money on creating something for myself.  That is when the idea for my writing and digital business came about.

I decided to incorporate Writerjudy, Inc. Now, that the company is off the ground, my goal is to network and solicit clients for business.  I know it may take a moment to grown before coming the next Google or Facebook, but perhaps this is the fun part.  Instead of rushing to make billions, I will just enjoy the journey and go from there.

See ya on the NASDAQ and NYSE.

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