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An Evening with Derede Samuel-Whitlock at The Showbiz Cafe in NYC

d22ec6fce3b640ad415f4d36e5478e6aAfrican American Women in Cinema also known as AAWIC presents an Evening with Derede Samuel-Whitlock at The Showbiz Cafe in NYC. This event is another installment of theAAWIC Women In Film Series.

The event will take place September 26, 2012 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm at the Showbiz Cafe located at 19 W. 21st Street in New York City

Derede Samuel-Whitlock joined the Department of Tourism of Antigua and Barbuda as Director of the USA market in November 2004. As a native Antiguan, she came to the USA to pursue higher education and received Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in International Economics and Management at the City University of New York.

Ms. Samuel-Whitlock brings has 20 years of experience in marketing and market research from both the agency and client side. Her experience in consumer sectors include financial services, packaged goods, retail, automotive, technology, entertainment and travel.

Given Ms. Samuel-Whitlock’s extensive experience in consumer marketing and new product development, she has utilized her expertise and industry networks to develop new markets niches in film and entertainment for Antigua and Barbuda. During the event, you will discover the following:

*Learn the insights of filming in Antigua and Barbuda
*Understanding the benefits of filming in Antigua and Barbuda
*Know the filmmaker advantage

Come out and be a part of this interesting event. There will be the opportunity to network and learn something new.

Esperanza Spalding Second Show Added at the Apollo Theater in NY

398db4a48795bb46106f2e926ec13985If you were one of the people who were not able to get tickets to this show, there is good news for you. Due to popular demand, Bowery Presents has added a second Esperanza Spalding show at theApollo Theater, set for October 27,2012 at 8pm. Both performances will feature the bassist, vocalist and composer on the Apollo stage performing songs from her latest album, Radio Music Society. This concert will mark Spalding’s debut at the legendary Theater and is a part of her world tour. Tickets for the October 27th show will go on sale Monday, September 10th at 10am.

Spalding’s prodigious talents as a bassist and singer paved the way for her to become the first jazz musician to win the Grammy Award for best new artist, in 2011. Her latest release, Radio Music Society, is a companion release, rather than a sequel, to the internationally acclaimed Chamber Music Society, the basis of her Best New Artist GRAMMY® Award in 2011. Radio Music Society is her most diverse, ambitious and masterful recital yet. Each of the 12 songs on the recording is accompanied by conceptual music videos, which further express Spalding’s inspiration and story behind each track.

Tickets to both performances are $40 and $64 and are available at; in person at the Apollo Theater Box Office, 125th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues; over the phone at 212-531-5305 or (800) -745-3000;
and on Tickets for the October 26th show are already on

The Film Desperate Endeavors World Premiere in NYC – 2012

b05ea42c540ecbc850f7c26faca52c7dIt’s September in New York City, and it’s time for so many exciting events and entertainment. Along with the various events, there will be so many new movies coming to the theater worth seeing. There will be a slate of mainstream films as well as well-crafted independent features.

One of these movies that will be coming to the screen is called Desperate Endeavors”. The film tells the story of of Ram Patel and his quest for riches and the “so-called” American dream in 1970’s New York. In his journey, you will feel the excitement, the hope, the disappointment, and finally the triumph as Ram discovers responsibility and true enlightenment.
This film promises to touch the audience in a personal way that is all too familiar even now in 2012.“Desperate Endeavors” is a must see movie that will have the audience talking about for years to come. In addition, the audience has the chance to experience New York in the 1970’s through one man’s struggle to make it in America.

The movie was conceived by Producer & Director Salim Khassa of LBYL Films. LBYL Films also known as Look Before You Leap Films is a full-scale film production company that specializes in every aspect of film production from writing scripts to the final edit. If this film project is any indication of what is to come, the film going audience is in for many other great films throughout the years.

“Desperate Endeavors” will be in theaters September 7th! For more information on where the movie is playing visit: Desperate Endeavor Tickets.

Be sure to get to your tickets now so you will be sure not to miss the feel good movie of the year! For additional information or questions on the film, email at: Also, keep up to date with information on the film, like on Facebook or follow on Twitter.

MVC Productions Presents Nina Skarra at NY Fashion Week

83ba8c18110e7b5c150a363d79450dbbAs New York Fashion Week continues full speed ahead, Lincoln Center is buzzing with new designs, celebrities and all others who want to a part of the glamorous event.

Scandinavian designer Nina Skarra showcased her collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week with an illuminating runway show. The event took place at 1:00pm on September 8th, 2012 at Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall Grand Promenade. The show was produced by fashion veteran Tai Chunnof MVC productions.

Skarra’s collections are known to combine the purity of Scandinavian design, known for its simplicity and the use of traditional sartorial craftsmanship, quality fabrics and a sustainable production process. She has perfected a timeless and pure design while still maintaining a strong DNA and working towards values and her strong belief and work for sustainability, transparency and empowerment in the fashion industry.

Skarra’s designs have recently been seen throughout both the fashion industry as well as Hollywood with a tremendously successful NYC launch where esteemed guests such as Princess Mette-Marit, Isabelle Fuhrman of Hunger Games, Rachel Zoe and more graced the red carpet.

“This collection has been inspired by fond memories of my stylish mother, my grandmother and their wardrobes.” States Fashion Designer Nina Skarra. “It incorporates the roaring twenties, symbolizing both my grandmother’s fun and rebellious youth, as well as St Tropez in the 1960’s, where my mother spent time as a model. The Spring/Summer 2013 collection brings together inspiration not only from their closets, but also from their personalities, sense of style, natural grace and desire for quality. ”

For September 2013, under the creative direction of show Producer Tai Chunn of MVC Management Productions, Skarra’s Spring/Summer 2013 line is expected to flood the runway with 37 pieces all inclusive of a jaw dropping stunning Great Gatsby/ San Tropez theme.

Chunn is one of the first African American producers to actually lead the charge for a NYC Fashion Week runway show with previous creative direction experience for EMERGE!, an NYC runway show that brought young emerging Fashion designers to the forefront for February 2013 and honored Vogue Magazine Contributing Editor Andre Leon Talley.

“My team is very strong and we are extremely excited to be working with Nina Skarra for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week” states CEO of MVC Management Productions Tai Chunn. “This is a platform where the strongest eyes in the fashion world are upon us. We will produce an event that truly compliments.

Skarra’s vision for her gorgeous line, as well as one to remember for all elite attendees.” Current sponsors for the show include L’Oreal, Soft Sheen Carson, Voss Water, MVC Productions, Beautiful Planning and Model Launcher.

What if the person lies about what they look like online?

It’s that time. You have been internet dating and talking to your new online friend for a few months and now it’s time for the first meeting. How do you feel? Are you excited, anxious, or relaxed about it? Do you think the person will be the same when you meet them in person? How about the photo? Do you think they will look the same as the photo they posted online or have you even thought about it?
It might be something to keep in mind just al little. One reason I say this is because I have heard some horror stories about people posting their better looking friends or relatives photos online then being honest only when they meet the person that have been chatting with the past few months. It may sound crazy but it happens more than you know and should be something to look out and listen for when talking.

Actually before meeting, it might be a good idea to discuss the images posted online. You can start by revealing how recent your photos are or if you just took the pictures. Once you give this information you are free to ask the same thing to the person you are talking to. This may make them more open to state the same information. If you feel uncomfortable talking about this subject you can always make a joke of it. Whenever I am about to meet someone I met online I say something like “I know you can’t wait to meet me so you can see that I did not post my cousin’s pictures online.” I immediately laugh so the person can get an idea that I am secure with out impending meeting.
The rule I always use is to never post a pictures that is over a year old if you include it with newer pictures. If you are one of the people who posts only one photo, my advice is to never post one over 6 months old. People normally don’t change the quickly unless they have had an accident or gained or lost weight. Remember a passport photo does not have to be updated for 10 years but if you do make significant changes in your appearance it might be a good idea to post new photos on your online profile.
The goal of online dating is to get in contact with new friends and maybe find the love of your life. Being as honest as possible about everything especially your true appearance can set the tone for your relationship. People who experience the bait and switch become sour and most of the time, don’t even want to be friends with the person they feel has deceived them. It may seem like an old moral but it is still true. Honesty is the best policy and it is even more relevant when meeting a stranger online.

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Ready Set Go! Fashion 2012 Week in New York City

550863263390bd3897110fbb6a76f4f1The moment is here. From September 6-13, 2012 the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week shows will be taking place in the Big Apple. All of the fashion elite, fashionistas, celebrities, and spectators anxiously away this moment each

September when well known designers and newcomers to the game display their Fall collections to the world.

There is no place in the world more known for fashion that in New York City. The city sets the trends for fashion nationally and all around the world. This season is no different as a swarm of excited attendees descend upon Lincoln Center.

If you have not had a chance to check out the schedule to see what is planned, there is a chance you are missing quite a bit. The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week event is a most see and one of the things persons needs to do at least once even if they do not consider themselves a fashion enthusiast.

And the good news is that you have the opportunity to see the show twice a year. Once in February, then again in September. Take a look at the schedule and perhaps you can find a show that is just right for you. For more information on the event visit: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Also, like them on Facebook and follow on Twitter.