The Film Desperate Endeavors World Premiere in NYC – 2012

b05ea42c540ecbc850f7c26faca52c7dIt’s September in New York City, and it’s time for so many exciting events and entertainment. Along with the various events, there will be so many new movies coming to the theater worth seeing. There will be a slate of mainstream films as well as well-crafted independent features.

One of these movies that will be coming to the screen is called Desperate Endeavors”. The film tells the story of of Ram Patel and his quest for riches and the “so-called” American dream in 1970’s New York. In his journey, you will feel the excitement, the hope, the disappointment, and finally the triumph as Ram discovers responsibility and true enlightenment.
This film promises to touch the audience in a personal way that is all too familiar even now in 2012.“Desperate Endeavors” is a must see movie that will have the audience talking about for years to come. In addition, the audience has the chance to experience New York in the 1970’s through one man’s struggle to make it in America.

The movie was conceived by Producer & Director Salim Khassa of LBYL Films. LBYL Films also known as Look Before You Leap Films is a full-scale film production company that specializes in every aspect of film production from writing scripts to the final edit. If this film project is any indication of what is to come, the film going audience is in for many other great films throughout the years.

“Desperate Endeavors” will be in theaters September 7th! For more information on where the movie is playing visit: Desperate Endeavor Tickets.

Be sure to get to your tickets now so you will be sure not to miss the feel good movie of the year! For additional information or questions on the film, email at: Also, keep up to date with information on the film, like on Facebook or follow on Twitter.

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