The Annual “KIDS R PEOPLE TOO!” Showcase in New York

KRP2_inviteEach year, the annual “Kids R People Too!” event pays homage to the wonderful world of childhood by showcasing the talent of emerging young artists.   This year thee show consists of a Runway Fashion show, dance battle and Christmas Toy drive.  The show is alive with colorful art, vivacious music, and original fashions displayed in the exhilarating runway show. The event is a tribute to children and the child advocacy programs that contribute to the “Kids R People Too!” organization. The event will also raise awareness of cerebral brain aneurysm research for kids as well as adults.

“This show is designed to bring a child’s eye to the arts and to show that children’s self-awareness can be stimulated by fashion, music and art; to create a beautiful atmosphere and raise the consciousness of kid power in the worlds of fashion, music, and art” said Tai Chunn of MVC Management Productions. “We wanted to do a theme-based show to add to the overall excitement of the event.”

The Show, produced by MVCManagement Productions Inc., will be held on Saturday, December 15th, 2012 at Chelsea Piers, 300 New York, Pier 60, 23rd and West Side Highway at 3 PM.  All press and celebrity inquiries, contact Monique Tatum at 

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