Maison Harlem: A French Bistro in New York

3459eb7312f3777d58645282001b1446With a clever mixture of a little bit of France and a lot of Harlem, Maison Harlem is a restaurant that you definitely have to visit when coming to New York City. Located in the heart of West Harlem at 341 St. Nicholas Avenue (at the corner of 127th and St. Nicholas), the décor is quaint and cozy. It is just one of the newest editions to a neighborhood that has such a rich history and thriving community.

The restaurant features a charming rustic interior that perfectly complements the mouth-watering French Bistro style menu and superb wine selection.
While having lunch there with a friend, I decided to try the Chicken Paillard, which consisted of breaded chicken breast with tarragon sauce and frisee salad. My friend chose the grilled salmon with lemon caper sauce on a bed of ratatouille. The food was beautifully prepared, deliciously seasoned and savory to the tongue. Since we were quite full from the dish, we chose not to have dessert, but the choices they offered almost made us reconsider.

Maison Harlem is just a little over two months old and is run by two food- and wine-loving French New Yorkers, Romain Bonnans and Samuel Thiam. Samuel grew up in Paris, where restaurants were a family business and he moved to the United States to pursue a dancing career. With a creative mind, he always stayed connected to his deeply-rooted passion for the art of French food. Romain, from Toulouse, France, is an amazing chef now living in NYC with his family. As a successful owner/co-owner of three other restaurants in NYC, he understands what it takes to create the perfect gastronomic experience. The two partners met in New York, realized that they shared a vision, and the Maison Harlem concept took flight.

The beautifully designed restaurant offers an incredible bright and airy space with lots of exposed brick and a comfortable and enjoyable ambiance. I have the say that my experience was very pleasant and delightful. The staff was very attentive and the food was divine and tantalizingly. I am definitely going to spread the word to others about this new jewel of Harlem. It promises to be an exciting part of the neighborhood for a long time to come. Check out out the website at Maison Harlem.

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