Art in Flux Discussion in Harlem

cf9d9e2683a6a68d94a1e056e7b6e212It was an eclectic and interesting day fora special event on Saturday January 12. 2013. It was a day when Experts gather around a Art in Flux Pop-up Exhibit that provided an unique view of contemporary art and wine markets.

The group and spectators rallied around to talk about the ongoing mixed-media exhibit called ART ENOLOGY: ARTISTS ON WINE. Within the discussion, the audience discovered what it takes to become an experienced art collector and wine expert while learning how Harlem has become the latest draw for connoisseurs who stock up on their favorite labels and artists as sound investments.

The free talk took place between 1pm and 3pm and included a wine tasting courtesy of Simone International/Papi and Mouton Noir wines followed by an artist meet-and-greet. The event was moderated by museum curator Souleo and guest speakers were as follows:

Jenna Bond-Louden, art adviser and founder of the salon series Lady Bird + Co.

Antone Barnes, Co-founder, Modern Class Design and interior designer to celebrity clients and professional athletes.

Andre Mack, Founder of Mouton Noir Wines and winner of the 2012 Chaine des Rotisseurs “Best Young Sommelier in America” Award.

Eric White, wine specialist/manager, The Winery.

The information shared by each of these experts left the audience with much to think about when deciding to invest in art and wine collecting. This event was definitely a great place for beginners and also the well informed connoisseur.

The ART ENOLOGY show features pieces by celebrated wine photographer Charles O’Rear; Smithsonian American Art Museum’s 40 under 40: Craft Futures artist Joshua DeMonte, and internationally acclaimed visual artist Shantell Martin visually interpreting wine and wine bottles. Items from more twenty more emerging, mid-career and established visual artists also are on view. Curated by Souleo, whose recent credits include a discussion series at the New York Library and consulting work with Danny Simmons, the exhibit is on view until January 23.

“Wine has been celebrated and stored artistically for centuries for spiritual rituals, religious ceremonies, medicinal purposes and social occasions,” says Souleo. The artists participating in Art Enology have tapped into this linked history and transformed wine bottles into statements that simultaneously advance the aesthetic properties and possibilities of bottles and inspire a new dialogue centered on historical and contemporary concepts.”

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