International Model Carissa Rosario Partners with Flex Watches for Charity

5d11200f42006ec38d4e56ae3fbd7148Well known international model and actress Carissa Rosario, proves she is more than just a pretty faced by establishing the “The Aly-Mo Foundation” honoring the late Alycia Allende.

With the establishment of this foundation, Carissa keeps her promise made less than a year ago to Yvette Negron, the mother of the late Alycia “Aly-Mo” Allende, a six year old girl who succumbed tobrain cancer. The Aly-Mo Foundation will serve as a platform to support and raise awareness for pediatric brain cancer while honoring Alycia Allende.

While doing what she thought was business as usual Carissa found a cause that was close to her heart and decided to use her celebrity to speak for those who did not have the platform or who could no longer speak for themselves.

Carissa Rosario has been modeling since the age of 10. As a result, she has appeared on numerous magazine covers such as: Maxim, GQ, New York Post, Zimbio, Fox Sports, Latina, and various other online sources. She has appeared in televisions, commercials, film and even launched a successful fragrance line. The first line was so successful, she plans to launch a second line in the future.

In 2013, Carissa recently partnered with Flex Watches. The result is to create awareness and with each watch sold a portion of the proceeds go to research to sure Pediactric brain cancer. As one of the few women to be chosen to be a part of the campaign along with a few other male athletes, Carissa will use her celebrity to help raise money and awareness for this disease.

The Alycia Allende story is probably know to some since it made he FOX headline news. Carissa was emotionally stirred by seeing this story of a little girl suffering from such a terrible disease and this compelled her to contact the Allende family to see what she could do to help.

a32401331f85ca723728cca13bda1814Carissa would spend time at the hospital visiting with Aly, cheering her up and reading to her; a support welcomed and appreciated by Aly’s family. Just shy of turning six and in the midst of all of her life trials, Aly remained full of laughter, joy, resilience and hope, but succumbed to Brain Cancer on June 22, 2012.When Aly lost her precious life Carissa vowed to start a foundation in her honor to raise awareness for Pediatric Cancer. She kept her promise with the formation of the Aly-Mo Foundation. Carissa Rosario hopes to make a difference in the lives of all those young angels living with brain cancer.

The partnership with Flex Watches is only the beginning and she hope to inspire others to help. Carissa Rosario is a model citizen with an incredible passion for serving humanity. She hopes to be an instrument in spreading the world and getting others involved in the cause. For more information on Carissa, visit her website and the Aly-Mo Foundation. She can also be found on Facebook andTwitter.

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