Wochit Launches Platform for Ever-Fresh Video Production

939d7f9a4e153ac5ce98f0deb0506792Looking for a great place to get some of latest videos and news feeds? If so, then Wochit is the place for you.

Wochit Inc. has launched its platform that provides web publishers with a constant supply of ever-fresh news video. The company’s platform produces videos practically in real-time, as stories break, combining large scale capabilities with high quality results. Publishers gain easy access to these videos, including through partnerships that Wochit has entered into with major distributors Grab Media and Rightster, and OneScreen’s Media Graph.
Rich and timely content is vital for audiences to access through web sites, mobile applications, news organizations, blogs, and other media entities, and news videos are especially effective tools to engage audiences. Wochit can provide abundant news video about a publishing site’s particular topics of interest, including using that site’s own content, or about practically any currently trending subject. This opens new revenue opportunities for publishers, without requiring the expense or commitment of launching their own video production operations.

“The motivation behind Wochit’s ever-fresh production is for publishers to grow their businesses with economical video that’s totally current, topical, and of the highest quality,” says Wochit co-founder and CEO Dror Ginzberg. “Wochit is dedicated to providing a constant supply of great video through collaboration with our partners including distributors, news sources, and footage providers.”

The distribution partnerships significantly scale operations for Wochit, which monitors tens of thousands of social media and syndication feeds to determine trending stories, and has arrangements with major providers of licensed footage and photography, such as Reuters and Getty Images. The company combines these partnerships with its technologies and its professional production talent to achieve scale capable of producing thousands of short-form news videos daily.

“Expanding the scale, breadth and freshness of our video catalog through partnership with Wochit enhances audience engagement for Grab Media’s publisher partners,” said Andrew Taylor, Vice President of Business Development for Grab Media. “Wochit’s ever-fresh production contributes to our core value proposition of seamlessly providing informative and entertaining videos that audiences love to watch.”

The live results of Wochit’s ever-fresh production are accessible at wochit.com and on YouTube.

More About Wochit:

Wochit produces ever-fresh, studio-quality news video content about any topic as it happens. Web sites, mobile applications, news services, blogs and other publishing entities can utilize the company’s platform for new revenue opportunities and better audience engagement. By working with Wochit, a publisher effectively and economically achieves the effect of having its own newsroom for video production. Backed by major venture capital firms, Wochit is based in New York with offices in Tel Aviv.

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