Singer Marcus Canty Listening Party in NYC

8081a81020e1898a75c751b726e68af8The Box Night Club in New York City was rocking on Wednesday night, March 6th with the listening party for former Xfactor Contestant Marcus Canty.

Just a little over a year after him landing in the top five finalists for the first installment if XFactor, he is delivering his first album to the crowd. The full EP was released on March 5th and immediately was available for a autograph signing on J & R Music in downtown Manhattan.

For the signing, there was a long line of fans available to meet Marcus and got their copy of his first of many CDs. Also, Marcus was number 1 on iTunes on the day of the release which is very impressive for a new artists.

With all the excitement, the listening party was just an extension of the successful start Canty has been having. Performing live, he wowed the crowd with a rendition of Bobby Brown’s song “Every Little Step” and blew the audience away even further with his strong falseto when performing the KateBush/Maxwell’s song entitled “This Woman’s Work.”

Canty also sang a few of his original hits with his popping first single “In & Out” along with “Used by You” which has been a hot song on iTunes.

If this success of Marcus Canty’s listening party is any indication of his career, the world should be expecting to see him for many years to come. For more information on Marcus Canty, visit hiswebsite. He is also on Facebook and Twitter.

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