Mirrors Of The Soula by Leah Poller opens at Knox Gallery in NY on April 11, 2013

9b94c2351113b4729a79591d795de2b6Knox Gallery is pleased to announce an upcoming exhibition by acclaimed sculptor Leah Poller, entitled “Mirrors of the Soul.” Ms. Poller offers the following description of the inspiration for the upcoming exhibition from April 11 through May 11, 2013.

“The portrait has endured throughout history. However, the radical experimentation that figurative arthas undergone has barely affected the portrait which tends to adhere stubbornly to academic canons. Yet one has only to think of the portraits by Rodin, Brancusi and even the sculptures of Picasso to appreciate the success of this form of modern art. The idea that the portrait should be the “mirror of the soul” was not original to Titian…Giorgione, the most shadowed and inward looking of the Venetian Quattro cento painters had as an ambition to paint people in the act of thinking, to invent signs for internal reflection as well as external show
Recently Knox LaSister of Knox Gallery sat down with Fred Ho, the subject of one of Leah Poller’s portraits, & gallery owner Charles Knox LaSister one afternoon at Knox Gallery on 129th Street in Harlem and found myself in the presence of two dynamic individuals.

Fred is a legendary jazz composer, internationally renowned baritone saxophonist, arranger, band-leader, writer, producer and political activist. As he was sharing tidbits of his artistic endeavors he stated “If I could design my own planet I would.” And this is believable! Fred is friend, mentor, and inspiration to many. This exhibit is an opportunity to see into Fred’s life and spirit through his sculptural portrait by Poller, his books, and a first-time-ever exhibited collection of his finely designed and crafted clothing.

Fred’s portrait named ”Double-Dare” represents the mutuality of both the visual artist and the musical artist to “only wanting to do what no one else dares.” Poller recounts, “In the long process of sharing stories and getting to the inner depths of Fred, he shared with me the meaning of his life, a theme which rings true to both my own processes and my artistic creation.” Ho adds, “As someone highly self-conscious about my legacy due to the reality of stage 4b metastatic cancer, I have been thrilled with Leah’s imagination and desire to imbue and radiate my spirit and energy as the subject of her sculpture. The sittings at her studio townhouse in Harlem have been fun, engaging and challenging”

Michelle Ange, portrait of a young girl, from the Woman Warrior Series. Michelle is a young woman vested with unique powers … strong enough to fly. Yet the feathers of her wings remain in pubescent carapaces, tightly furled to protect her burgeoning beauty.

Poller’s unique approach to the bronze portrait is an amalgam of figurative, and non-figurative, real and sur-real, portraying both the subject and his/her thoughts. The over-arching result as presented in “Mirrors of the Soul” is a series of sensitive and powerful portraits that emanate from a unique subject while expressing the universal.

“I believe that the portrait is not only the likeness of the physical being, but also a spatial positioning of the soul.” – Leah Poller

Paris trained sculptor Poller is known for her internationally exhibited 101 Bed Collection and for her sur-realized portraits. As artist, arts-activist, writer and content editor of New Observations, Poller brings a lifetime career in the arts to Harlem where she lives and works. For information on Leah Poller, visit her website.

RSVP to Mirrors Of The Soul
Portraits by Leah Poller with a special tribute to Fred Ho
Opening Reception: April 11, 6:00-9:00pm
Location: Knox Gallery, 129 W. 129th Street, NY NY 10027
Tel: 855-ART-KNOX (278-5669)
About Knox LaSister

Knox is an urban planner, real estate transactions lawyer, intrepid traveler & gentleman. His work has integrated affordable housing development with job creation, education and training, health and nutrition, art appreciation and education, and sustainable environmental live-ability. “In order for this community to thrive it’s vital that the arts are maintained as an integral part of development. Through the gallery and other community programs I hope to contribute to this mission.”

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