Experience Corner Social in Harlem, New York

43d3960ee69a5939dfe835571ec69ceaNew York is one of those places that many people know about around the world. There are so many great sites and historic neighborhoods. Whether is it, Chelsea, Tribeca or Harlem, visitors will have a memorable experience in this great city.

Speaking of Harlem, if you are traveling to NYC and are just around the corner why not get a littlesocial and have a great brunch, lunch or dinner with friends and family. You have the pleasure or choosing an appetizing meal when visiting the Corner Social.
After just celebrating their first anniversary in March 2013, Corner Social is a great spot where Harlem Locals, tourists and other visitors take eating and drinking seriously. The eatery is well placed and located at the northwest corner of 126th and Lenox.

In other words, it is dining and drinking destination that embraces the very best of Harlem. There is a warm, inviting, vibrant, pulsing scene. Corner Social offers late night dining, outdoor seating, special DJ nights, in addition to daily lunch, dinner, weekend brunch, a 18-brass tap bar and year round custom catering for events large and small.

As a proud member of the Harlem community, Corner Social sources ingredients from local vendors that serve the community and partners with local organizations that further the interests of the Harlem neighborhoods it serves.

The food was quite delicious as well. There were so many choices on the menu that it was hard to decide. Overall, the experience was a pleasant one and would definitely recommend to others.

For more information on Corner Social in Harlem, visit their website and be sure to tell your friends. You can also check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

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