SékouWrites Launches New Automotive Website in NYC

204121f839f8292dad0979c2d5564f3dAuthor, journalist, former Uptown Magazine editor and founder of SimplyRides.com, SékouWrites, has expanded his automotive-lifestyle business with the launch of BumperCandy.com, a multicultural women’s-interest website featuring beautiful cars and the lifestyle that comes with owning them. BumperCandy.com joins SimplyRides.com under the banner of Sékou’s newly created Dubbnet Networks, an assortment of automotive lifestyle websites tailored to audiences with unique interests.

“Ironically, my childhood career goal was to be a car designer,” says Sékou about his new-found path. “Later, when I was the Managing Editor of Uptown Magazine, I edited the car section to reach an audience of folks who are interested in cars but aren’t very interested in what’s under the hood. Once I started writing the car section myself, several women told me that they liked the way I covered automotive and I realized there was a niche for readers who care about the aesthetics and lifestyle associated with automobiles but don’t like to get bogged down by car jargon.”
Sékou left Uptown in late 2011 to create SimplyRides.com, which provides automotive videos, celebrity interviews, and test drive reviews in layman’s terms, providing car lovers with exciting content without the confusing technical jargon and “industry speak.” The newly unveiled BumperCandy.com offers similar lifestyle and automotive coverage specifically for multicultural women. For example, the site has a #Girlcrush Drive column, which features notable women test-driving cars that resonate with their personality.

With Dubbnet’s two marquee sites now fully active, and twenty additional websites in Beta testing, the network already receives more than 9 million page views and 2.6 million unique visitors per month. Other Dubbnet websites include CelebrityTransit.com, which focuses on celebrities and their cars, and BucketlistWheels.com, which profiles luxury cars that every driver should have on his or her bucket list.

The creation of Dubbnet Networks and its newest site (BumperCandy.com) were announced on April 8 at the 2nd Annual SimplyRides.com New York Auto Show Mixer at Raw Space Gallery in Harlem. This year, the event was co-sponsored by Cadillac and featured the 2013 Cadillac XTS, which attendees had the opportunity to experience on site. TV personality and best-selling author Harriette Cole hosted the event, which was attended by such noteworthy influencers as interior designer Sheila Bridges, ConcreteLoop founder Angel Laws, theHotness founder Nicole Moore, actress Napiera Groves, singer Rachel Walker, Haute Giving founder Latoya Henry, and artist/designer Scott Tucker.


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