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Shida, the Off Broadway Musical

1373935196_7924_posterThere is a another new show coming to Broadway. The musicalis called SHIDA, which stars Jeannette Bayardelle. Broadway fans will know Jeannette from when she performed the lead in The Color Purple and as a winner of the NAACP theater award for Best Lead Actress for the Color Purple.

Performances for this show will be at Ars Nova Summer Fling which is located at 511 West 54th Street in New York. The show runs from July 19th -August 28th.
The musical is set to a soulful score of Rock, Jazz, R&B, and gospel music, SHIDA is based on the true story of a young African-American girl who aspires to become a writer, tracing the ups and downs of her family, friendships, and love life – from the double-dutch court at St. Mary’s Catholic School in the Bronx to a scholarship at NYU. Her dreams become sidetracked by hardship and loss until her faith and those closest to her combine to restore Shida’s hope and give her a second chance. SHIDA is a tour-de-force for Ms. Bayardelle, who takes us through Shida’s powerful, funny, and inspirational story, portraying multiple different roles. Written and performed by Jeannette Bayardelle with direction by Andy Sandberg, this inspiring new musical is a 70-minute gripping tale.

SHIDA was first presented in a concert version at Birdland, as part of the Broadway-at-Birdland series. This one-night-only event sold out and received a tremendous response, with many audience members eager to know where they could come back to see the show again with their friends and family. Among those in attendance was Jason Eagan, Artistic Director of Ars Nova Summer Fling. He was so taken with the piece that he invited us to be a ‘Project in Residence,’ culminating with three workshop performances.

The Ars Nova Summer Fling has been well attended and very well received. Audience members who had previously seen the show at Birdland commented on how much the piece had grown since then and how much more of a complete theatrical experience it was in an actual theater space, despite the still-limited production value.

For more information on the show call 866-811-4111 or log onto to purchase tickets.

Inspired in New York Honors Real Housewives of NY Star Sonja Morgan

3aa40827cd35aff3a368770b49f1ab06Reality TV is definitely hot and continues to be on the move. Having a peek inside of someone’s life seems to be something many appreciate doing. Fans love the Real Housewives no matter what the city. Whether they are in Los Angeles, Atlanta, New Jersey, or New York, these ladies have audiences mesmerized with their lives and even some of their drama.

Celebrity Publicists’ The Von Boozier Twins presented Inspired In New York’s July Honoree – TV personality, spokesperson, and philanthropist Sonja Morgan from the The Real Housewives of New York. She was honored on July 11, 2013, at the Opulent West Village Hot Spot The Griffin, located at 50 Gansevoort Street, New York, NY 10011.

At the eight o’clock hour the invite-only event rolled out the red carpet to welcome the who’s who the entertainment and media industry to support the honoree for her accomplishments.

Sonja, to fans may be known more as one of their favorite housewives, but to the community, she has used her celebrity status and love of philanthropy to help others.

During the evening, the Honorable Assemblyman Keith Wright presented Sonja Morgan with a Citation from the state of New York for her contributions as an innovator and trendsetter in the arts, media, and entertainment industries.

In addition, to industry guests, Sonja was joined by some of her fellow “Real Housewives of New York” cast. The event was a successful and was enjoyed by all who attended.

Velixa Skincare System Available Online and In NYC

0b74df9c29fb49175056e14bc65e3dacIn a world, where staying beautiful and looking younger is important, many people, especially women want to make to make sure they choose a product that is right for them. However, there are so many great products to choose from how does one know what will work and what won’t.

There is always the option to speak with your dermatologist, friends and family about what they use. In addition, going to a department store makeup counter can be instrumental as well, but word of mouth and social media is one of the best ways to find out about new products and this seems to be the case with a product called Velixa.

Velixa was founded by John Orofino and has made it seem so easy by creating a beauty cream that many women will love. Orofino’s cosmeceuticals background can be traced back 15 years to his family’s 25-year-old business called Crosstex International. That corporation earned the reputation of being the fastest growing manufacturer of quality healthcare products throughout the world. Presently, Crosstex is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cantel Medical Corporation.

As a result of his experience, Orofino applied his manufacturing, branding and marketing expertise to create a company dedicated to a woman’s desire for having a vibrant and radiant complexion.

To assure that each product meets the highest standards of excellence, Orofino worked with world-renowned dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Velixa has designed and distributed unique facial formulas for therapy, rejuvenation, and maintenance.

His specialties as a CEO and leader are his hands-on, motivational styles which allows him to able to resolve complex challenges into pragmatic solutions. This results in he and his team being highly proficient in product planning and management.

Velixa was created for the love of an extraordinary woman. The “V” represents Velaia; the balance of the letters rhymes with elixir, a legendary potion that grants eternal life.

John Allen Orofino, the international skincare anti-aging savant, met the beautiful Velaia during a chance meeting in a Venice, Italy museum. Together, they fantasized about creating a Fountain of Youth before unmerciful fate led to her premature demise.

Bereft, John Allen decided to create a lasting tribute to his soul mate. Through the rejuvenating benefits of Velixa, Velaia is forever immortalized.

Velixa is now available for all women to use as means to take their beauty and skin rejuvenating ritual to another level. Velixa has enticed the international market and is readily available in some of the world’s most exclusive 5 star hotels. You can also find more about Velixa on Facebook and Twitter.