The Haneefah M. Show at New York Fashion Week September 2013

6a4e411947158d1bb0e2211829081d3eNew York Fashion Week continued with brand new designs by newcomers into the fashion world. On Saturday,September 7, 2013 designer Haneefah M. debuted her Spring/Summer 2014 Women’s Wear Collection at the Hotel Pennsylvania in Manhattan.

Her feminine, fun and flirty women’s brand brought clean lines of flowing texturesto the stage. Perfect for the spring and summer. Quite reflective of the poised yet playful for any women who might be out on the town.

 For those who don’t yet know her, designer, Haneefah M. line of clothing can be found hanging in boutiques in the Beverly Hills or being worn by summer residentsof the hip resorts at Martha’s Vineyard.

In a recent interview Haneefah M. mentions her goals in life for fashion.”NYFW has been a childhood dream that has now become a reality. From reading fashion magazines in grade school to sketching dresses in high school, dressing models in college then designing full time. Everything has come full circle and I’m enjoying the ride,” says Haneefah M.

With decades of designing experience, in 2011 Haneefah M. began focusing on production. For seasons, Haneefah M.has worked many positions in production including with the Emerge! RunwayShowcase, B. Michael, Nicole Miller, DKNY, and the Isabel Toledo Retrospective Collection. Learning key aspects to runway show production coupled with attending some of the best runway shows New York Fashion Week has to offer, Haneefah M. has been able to develop her line and present a runway show to the standard and expectations of New York Fashion Week.

4376ec254952c8843df7e77a8a405bcaFor more information on Haneefah M’s collection, visit her website. She has also, created a video promo of her line. She can also be found on Twitter and Facebook. Fashion connoisseur will definitely want to keep an eye on for Haneefah M. With such a successful start, there is sure to be more to come in the fashion industry.

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