Designer Mischka Velasco Making Moves in the Fashion World in NYC and Beyond



With New York Fashion Week which is scheduled for February 2014 a little less than two months away, fashion lovers and enthusiasts are gearing up to see what’s new with well-known designers and definitely what is happening with new designers. Each season, there are new styles based on past ensembles and every now and then there is something very new and original to be discovered.

Founder/Fashion Designer, Mischka Velasco just happens to be one of those new and original creators. Born in The Panama Canal Zone, Velasco now resides in Manhattan. In fact, she lives in an area known for great shopping and small boutiques known as SOHO and from viewing some of her designs it is clear that the city has a great influence on her.

Mischka, like many other designers studied at the well known school, FIT also known as The Fashion Institute of Technology. While there, she immediately threw herself into the industry, creating previous fashion lines and also working for start up labels.

In addition to following her fashion dreams, she was involved in other cool things. In fact, she formed a punk band called “Mischka’s World” and performed. She also held art gallery shows featuring her Asian American art paintings, in Seattle. This certainly displays her ability to multitask well.

As a result, she has spent her life devoted to various art forms and explorations. Mischka is currently studying conscious capitalism and its role for businesses in the future. With a serious passion for international business and its interconnections to fashion, she is in the thralls of how finance and art collide in harmonic unison. This looks to be a pragmatic approach because without one you cannot have the other.

As her brand continues to grow and become a household name, Mischka hopes to become an investor for future upcoming fashion designers. Her goal is to advise on their day to day challenges while maintaining her pleasure of creating a dress out in love and passion. She believes in giving back and doing her part to be instrumental in shaping the future. With these goals it is clear Mischka Velasco has a strong and growing brand.

For more information about Mischka Velasco, visit her website at: She can also be found on her social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Also, keep an eye out for her upcoming fashion show during New York Fashion Week in February 2014.

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