President Teri Williams of OneUnited Bank Gives Advice on Financial Health

03d5bd2cbed2bdd5fe7cb7e52fa81d22Although she came from a humble beginning, Teri Williams, has made an important decision to educate people on how to have a healthy financial life. Ms. Williams,who is currently President of OneUnited Bank has become very financially savvy over the years and is now using her expertise to share with others advice on how to have the financial life that they desire.

From first glance it might be easy to assume that Williams has had no problems with money in her life, but she shares that she had to learn the true value of money through trial and error the same as many people did. In fact, she is one of the first to admit that as a financial professional the banking industry has not done the best job informing customers about of the products and services available to them.

Williams is all too familiar with the element of not knowing this material since she learned much of her knowledge about money some gains and even a few losses over the years. As a result, she has began somewhat of a crusade to inform people on financial tips and products in an effort to help them change their lives.

Williams has even written a book that targets young people called “I Got Bank” to assist in giving them a head start on creating a great financial life for themselves. And although the book is mainly for a certain age group, there are tips in the book that even an adult can use in their lives when it comes to making decisions about their money. This is so important since there are still a certain portion of the population who are still somewhat paralyzed when it comes to money.

Since 2008/2009 when many people lost their jobs, this became an issue for much of the country. People fell behind on their bills and for a moment there were credit issues for many people. As the economy recovers, many need to get back on their feet and be given the tools to do so successfully.

Repairing credit is as common as “getting in shape” when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, but most consumers don’t really know what to do. OneUnited Bank can help and provides advice on the right type of accounts for you. For example, many consumers don’t know the difference between a prepaid debit card and a secured credit card which is probably part of the problem. It is important and more consumers need to know the difference.”

OneUnited Bank is currently launching an initiative to educate and help consumers repair damaged credit. The bank serves the needs of urban communities that are more diverse today than any time in history.

The community they serve consists of young and old, multi-ethnic, multiracial, immigrants and families who have been here for generations along with nonprofits and businesses. In other words, the new America!

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