Independent Filmmaker Praheme Presents Troop 491

ce9d3840fd0deaf84d3f252633597e9eIt is always nice to watch a film that shows the positive side of growing up in the inner city. Although it is a tough reality sometimes, in life it is important for film goers to see that young people can make it from the streets and come out stronger so they can become leaders in the community and the world.

This is the case with the independent film entitled “Troop 491: The Adventures of the Muddy Lions.” This film marks is the theatrical debut from Filmmaker and Director Praheme. Director and Millennium Film Studios owner Tim Reid has put his stamp on this project as a producer. He also has a small has a role in the movie.

The movie was shot throughout the streets of Richmond, Virginia and the story centers around a young man by the name of Tristan, a young from a single parent household. The story also display his mother’s quest to keep from the streets so she enlists him in joining the scouts. Of course, like many of the young men in his school he is reluctant, but as he gets involved, Tristan learns that the scouts membership will be very instrumental in him becoming a mature young man.

The movie is real and very true to life, but it is also inspiring as well. It is a great story for young people and help them to learn to trust their own instincts and the power of real friendship. Check out the trailer here, on YouTube or Vimeo. In addition, the film is scheduled to be shown at the Arizona International Film Festival, April 12th at 7pm.

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