World Cup Madness Not Just for the Millionaire’s Club Only

56b8ce226a117259f923feed645790e2Many individuals all over the world love sports. Some people love to play sports while others just enjoy watching. While some sporting events seem to attract a certain status of personas such as members of millionaire clubs, it is definitely a subject where many can share as they encounter others during their travels, business dealings or throughout their daily lifestyles.

This seems to be one of those moments. It is that time once again for the FIFA World Cup which has captured international attention. In the US and around the world, fans are attending the affair as well as watching it on television and cheering as their favorite team plays for the final trophy.

For 2014, from June 13 through July 13, Brazil is hosting the event and it has attracted personalities from the average sports fan to the millionaire club sports fans. The attendance and buzz has been absolutely amazing. Major celebrities have been a part of the event. Singer and superstar Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull opened with an explosive performance and each day there are thousands more of movers and shakers, millionaire matchmakers, politicians, along with other high profile individuals attending.

For the folks who were not able to travel to Brazil, there are FIFA World Cup parties in almost every major city in the world. Sports bars in cities like London, New York, Tokyo, Paris, San Paulo, Beijing, Geneva, Cape Town, Sydney, Frankfort, and Moscow are providing a venue for fans to gather with other sports fans alike.

Even individual sport fans and enthusiast have created or thrown their very own parties in their homes. Some have taken it a step further and took the opportunity to rent out venues in their perspective city to invite their friends, family and colleagues to enjoy the love of the World Cup with them.

Having this access to view such a major global event almost gives the average person not actually attending the World Cup, the feeling as though they have reached the millionaire players status. They can witness all the excitement and action and enjoy just the same.

The World Cup is such an international occurrence that all can enjoy no matter what and seems to bring people of all cultures together. Whether you are there live and up close or watching on a television screen, the experience is no less exciting for people who really do love the game. So, even if you are not a Millionairematch member or not, you are encouraged to enjoy the game, the conversation and the overall experience.

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