New York Fashion Week Presented Crowns and Faces on September 7, 2014

326579d32db296a83bc3338db0b5b9f2Fashion Week continued this weekend with a beauty, hair and fashion trifecta. Produced by MVC Management Productions, Celebrity Makeup artist Kim Roxie of Lamik Beauty and Emmy Award winning hairstylist Hadiiya Barbel teamed up to bring hair and makeup demonstrations in this event entitled: Faces & Crowns.

The theme of the day was that embracing beauty was the ultimate trend this upcoming season. Kim Roxie stated in her presentation that when she does make-up she doesn’t want to mask beauty, but to enhance it. “I want my clients to feel like celebrities because they are. Celebrities are people that are celebrated, whether it’s by 12 people or 12 million.”

Hadiiya Barbel also talked about embracing natural beauty. She doesn’t like to use the word wig, because she feels like it will make the client feel as though they are wearing a disguise, but rather calls her creations “Crowns”.

Faces & Crowns was also a hotspot for fashion. “You can’t have an event during fashion week and not include a fashion show” stated event producer Tai Chunn. Up and coming New York based fashion designer Luis Peralta debuted his Spring/ Summer 2015 Collection. Guests looked on at his elegant, bold and futuristic designs.

Special Guests included Erica Campbell and Tina Campbell of the Grammy Award Winning group;Mary Mary, as well as celebrity stylist GooGoo Atkins. The women looked on as Hadiiya Barbel, Kim Roxie, and Luis Peralta presented the latest fashion, makeup trends, and how to style your own crown.

This Month Roxie and Barbel created eyebrows and crowns to victims Alopecia for Alopecia Awareness Month. Alopeica is a type of hair loss that occurs when your immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles, which is where hair growth begins.Just this week, Hadiiya provided a custom crown for four-year old Madison Chins who suffers from Alopecia.

The entire event was amazing and MVC Productions pulled off yet another successful event for New York Fashion Week.

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