Chef Antonia Lofaso Discusses Career, Family and New Venture With Breyers

ChefAntoniaSummer is one of the best months to enjoy foods and try new dishes. Although new recipes can be tried at anytime, there is something special about the warmer months and people getting together to share food. Whether someone hosts a barbeque with family and friends or just invites them over for dinner, sharing new food ideas with others creates bonding in one of the best ways.

This summer Chef Antonia Lofaso has gotten together with the well-known brand, Breyers to create fantastic dessert recipes which are delicious and easy to make. This venture is one she is proud of since Breyers ice cream is hormone-free which means the brand does not use milk from cows that are treated with hormones. Also, they use 100% rainforest alliance certified vanilla beans so not only is the dessert tasty, it is made with ingredients that are better for you and your family.

Antonia Lofaso is probably best known for her role on Bravo’s Top Chef (season 4) and she is one of America’s most loved chefs. During her time on the show, she shared her massive her culinary skills with her feisty Italian personality on Top Chef: All Stars. Since Lofaso has gone from television personality to business owner and is currently executive chef and owner of Black Market in Studio City, California. With this success of the first venture, she then opened Scopa: Italian Roots in Venice, California.

With a lifelong passion for cooking, Lofaso chased her dreams and has managed to balance her busy career with being a single parent. She shares her secrets and tips in her book “The Busy Mom’s Cookbook” re-released in paperback released in this Fall, and now with her Breyers campaign she has achieved another of her goals as a chef.

Before the world got to know her from her time on Top Chef, Lofaso attended the prestigious French Culinary Institute, and upon graduating was hired at Beverly Hills’ best known restaurant, Wolfgang Puck’s Spago. Under the mentorship of Executive Chef Lee Hefter, Lofaso refined her skills and technique, and spent six years working at the famed LA hot spot. After mastering the cuisine at Spago, Lofaso made the difficult decision to leave and pursue a new adventure. Within weeks, she was hired by SBE to run the kitchen at their new upscale L.A. supper club, Foxtail.

Upon starting her new role at Foxtail, Lofaso’s career encountered a monumental boom when Bravo came calling and recruited her for season 4 of its highly acclaimed cooking competition show Top Chef. This was something different for Lofaso, but she was definitely up for the challenge. This was an opportunity that she wanted to make count.

In addition to her restaurants and television experience, Lofaso can also include private chef to some of Hollywood’s biggest stars in her repertoire. Today, she currently resides in Los Angeles with her daughter Xea. In an interview, she recently disclosed that one of the best ways for her two bond with her daughter is in the kitchen, which is something she had the pleasure of doing with her mom growing up. These thoughts and memories help her set the stage for her Breyers campaign bringing the love of good food with family and friends.

The Breyers recipes Lofaso shares are scrumptious, healthy and so easy to make which can allow parents to include their children during the food creation process. Chef Antonia Lofaso has accomplished many of her dreams successfully so far in her life and she shows no sign of slowing down. Fans and food lovers are sure to be thankful for this because there will be more to come in the years ahead

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