Styles for The Sharp Dressed Man Compliments of ARI Soho, New York

AriMusic Fans from the 1980’s may know the catchy hit song “Sharp Dressed Man” from the legendary rock band ZZ Top and while they may been the ones to sing about it best with the lyrics “Cause every girl crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.” There are others who currently live with this mantra. With that said, it appears someone was absolutely taking notes. ARI, located in New York is definitely making sure there is always a sharp dressed man around whether in the office, on stage, on a date, at an event or just wanting to look good everyday. Whether it is with the original tailor made suits, leather jackets, custom made shirts and even originally designed shoes, any man who takes the time to shop in their store leaves with some of the absolute best looking clothing.

The story of Moshe Ben-Ari began 15 years ago and it is one of loving to make people look good. He recently revealed that he learned everything he knows about clothes from watching his mother. As it turns out, he grew up in a family who did not have a lot of money so his mother made his clothes. This experience impacted him and has shaped much of who he today. It might be safe to say, he experienced and wore handmade clothes before they were cool and continues to carry on that tradition.

At ARI it is very clear that the shopper likes his clothes made exceptionally well by masters of their trade. The clothes are very original and created to fit each customer. In fact, many of his customers have been coming to the store since it opened. In addition, many designs are exclusively and entirely made in Italy, with each garment cut and sewn following the tradition of legendary Italian craftsmanship and textile know how. Each garment combines this expert construction with great contemporary style is what makes ARI distinctively unique.

Since the store’s opening over 15 years ago, ARI has established itself as a menswear icon in one of the fashion capitol’s of the world and at the center of New York’s historic Soho neighborhood. The store is located in the cultural heart of downtown on West Broadway. And because being places in a great location, ARI is one of the many great companies as the street is conveniently lined with other fashion boutiques, renowned art galleries, and luxury showrooms. At a time when luxury brands are outsourcing their production and lowering costs at the expense of material quality and traditional construction, ARI has always designed and manufactured his collection in Italy and is still holding on to this commitment today.

The words “made in Italy” literally means an enduring tradition of design and attention to craftsmanship. Skilled designers, patternmakers, seamstresses, leathersmiths and corwainers have been passing down their sophisticated trade from one generation to the next. Every article we make is immersed in this culture of obsession with quality and technique.

ARI’s clothes can be defined as a combination of rugged style and contemporary refinement which can be seen in his jackets, jeans and leather coats. This also means you will find some of the best made denim, leather boots as well as tailored suits and dress shirts in their collection. Best of all, their clothes are tailored to the modern, athletic cut so every piece fits as good as it looks. Each style is so well made because they really do mirror the creator of such designs. Although ARI does design for each customer as they request, he also creates clothing that he wears himself. Any patron that visits his store, can quickly get a sneak peak on what jackets or shirts might look like which gives this more of a unique and personal touch.

ARI has been doing so well that they are looking to expand the brand. Before the end of 2015, Moshe Ben-Ari will be opening a new store another city also known for it’s style, Miami. It appears that this is only the beginning of what New York has known for a long time. ARI is the place to create quality looks for the sharp dressed man.

For more information on ARI, visit their website at Also, stay in touch onFacebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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