Staying fit and healthy with actress Erika Christensen

ErikaIf you have moved any from home and no longer have access to home cooking, then you be of the many people where prepared meals have become your best friend. This really is an issues for many and if you are not located in a city as convenient as New York City, it might be hard to get food delivered as quickly as you would like. There is a solution for many other cities and busy people. The Lean Cuisine brand has reintroduced itself as a modern eating brand and ally for women’s wellness. As a result, Erika Christensen partnered with Lean Cuisine to share her thoughts and ideas on healthy food and she even shared which dishes is her favorite meals.

The brand is no longer focused on diet, the Lean Cuisine brand relied on insights from hundreds of women as it evolved to reflect a shift in the way Americans – primarily women – are eating and shopping. Women want chef-inspired, ethnic dishes that offer a variety of attributes and bold yet simple packaging that stands out in the aisles, and the Lean Cuisine brand is meeting that challenge.

As part of the transformation, the Lean Cuisine brand is introducing ten new recipes within the Lean Cuisine Marketplace range, all offering modern benefits. From the new line, shoppers can choose Pomegranate Chicken or Sweet Sriracha Braised Beef as gluten-free, high-protein options, Sesame Stir Fry with Chicken and Roasted Chicken and Garden Vegetables as one-cup vegetable and no-preservative options, and Mushroom & Spring Pea Risotto and Cheese & Bean Enchilada Verde, made with organic ingredients and no GMOs.

Lean Cuisine’s research uncovered four “food moods” that guide meal selection, so the brand re-organized products into sublines that are more reflective of the ways women make food choices. This is important because sometime based on your mood, this will be crucial in your decision about figuring out what to eat. Also, if the food choices are associated with staying fit, the mood will affect you choice as well. This is definitely helpful to the single working person as well as busy family. These new changes are definitely positive and could possibly change the way many people think about prepackaged meals.

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