Brett Johnson talks about his passion as a designer

Brett&Mom&DadThere is an exciting up and coming designer on the radar that the public needs to be very aware of. His designs are a combination of urban streetwear and tailored suits for the upscale business man. Who is this mysterious designer you may ask? His name is Brett Johnson.

As a result of his high powered parents success as founders of Black Entertainment Television, there is no way this young man could not have found success in his life. As a heir of a successful media and entertainment empire, Brett hails from a family of innovators and has cultivated many lessons in leadership and brand building. It is apparent that while his parents were talking, he was listening because at just 25-years old, Brett Johnson is becoming a well-known powerhouse on his own.

Johnson debuted his upscale men’s line at New York Fashion Week in February 2015. Before finding his real passion as a fashion designer, Brett Johnson, attended University of Michigan, but then dropped out of school to pursue design more seriously. He knew at that time that after leaving school he had to prove himself and that this was not just a passing phase. His line is unique, in that he blends streetwear and suits for the mature man.

The Brett Johnson Collection debuted in 2013 with a line of men’s shoes and apparel. His menswear collection encapsulates style, sophistication, and an edge for the global lifestyle; amalgamating a modern silhouette with traditional handcrafted technique refined tailoring and detailed finishing. When asked about celebrities, he could see in his clothing, other than his father who by the way, wears so many of his clothes, Brett stated that “I definitely feel my clothes are a fit for Jay Z and Justin Timberlake,” Johnson says of his line.“But also David Beckham or Ryan Gosling.”

Johnson is a man on the move. He still has trunk shows and his parents are two of his biggest fans. Also, he has been making more moves to have his lines featured in major department stores like: Nieman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, etc. His fashions have even made it to the red carpet. Brett Johnson is a multi-talented young man who creates beautiful designs and event dabbles as a producer in the film world.

For those who do not yet, know how him. you will. Brett Johnson is here to stay, and the men we love look so much better for it.

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