The sitcom ‘The Things We Do For Love’ premieres on the Urban Movie Channel

The cast from The Urban Movie Channel sitcom.

The cast from The Urban Movie Channel sitcom.

Great new shows streaming online is a trend that is here to stay. In fact, more new shows are created on this platform daily. It’s great because viewers can watch as they like and event catch up on past seasons. With all of these choices, how does one decide what to watch. Just a few months after their launch, the Urban Movie Channel debuted the never-before-seen sitcom, entitled ‘Things We Do For Love‘. As people may know, the Urban Movie Channel is the first urban focused digital streaming channel devoted to the acquisition of feature films, comedy specials, stage plays, documentaries, music, and entertainment for the African American and urban audiences.

 ‘Things We Do For Love’ features Tamera Mowry-Housley, Alfonso Ribeiro, and James Avery. The comedy is an exclusive release for the UMC Fall Out Fridays weekly programming. This sitcom is one of the final tapings featuring the late James Avery, who won our hearts as Uncle Phil on ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’. This is also a promotion as a effort for more people to become aware of the streaming services. As a result, new subscribers will be able to watch ‘Things We Do For Love’ at free for 14 days. This will also include access to other movies on the site.
The sitcom ‘Things We Do For Love’ is centered on a recently married couple, Darren (Alfonso Ribeiro) and Lourdes (Tamera Mowry-Housley), who embark on life as newlyweds while sustaining a family owned business. Things are going will until their their zany in-laws (James Avery and Maria Conchita Alonso), move in. With this new dynamic, their lives are forever changed.

Within the the family, there is fun, arguments, misunderstandings, but through it all there is love which is what family is all about. The official trailer for the sitcom can been viewed here will give viewers a sample of what they can expect.

This sitcom is being debuted as a part of UMC’s “Fallout Friday.” For new subscribers, more information on can check it out FREE, for 14 days.

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