Fox Network Premieres ‘RoseWood’ at the Schomberg Center for Research in Harlem

IMG_1237The Fall season for new shows coming to your television set is finally here. Television lovers and fans no longer have to wait to see what their new favorite show might be or what will happen this season to their current returning favorite character this season.

In New York City, VIPs, fans, and the press all gathered together on Monday, September 14, 2015 to screen the upcoming new shows for the Fox Television season. Within the program for the night, there was a screening of for the shows Rosewood starring the talented and very handsome Morris Chestnut. In addition to the screening of the pilot, there was a sneak peak for other upcoming Fox shows such as Minority Reports, Scream Queens, and Season 2 of the reigning Fox hit Empire which by the way, hosted a separate event a few days before on Saturday evening, September 12, 2015 at Carnegie Hall.

 This specific event was hosted at the Schomberg Center for Research and primarily focused on the show Rosewood and fans were in for a treat because the event was attended by none other than the star of the show, Morris Chestnut who humbly addressed the fans and the press for a brief Q & A.

It is clear that the creators and executives at Fox are breaking the the rules and striving to make network television, the place many viewers want to go and may even bring in a few new viewers. This is apparent because the shows are very diverse, they push the envelope and always keeps the audience guessing what will happen next. For more information, check you local listings for these show premiere on TV.

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