Shop while watching music videos with the Blingby app

1f302224494e14f59c8ff7835418e188There are so many online viewing and streaming platforms currently available to enjoy music these days. There are online sites to consume and/or buy music like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Yahoo Screen, Tidal, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube and Vevo to name a few. The music lover has so many ways to enjoy some of their favorite songs, but how about having the option to shop while watching your favorite videos on your smart phone, tablet or laptop.

Really?  Have you ever watched a video and liked what the singer was wearing, or loved the location where the video was shot? How about seeing a nice piece or furniture or falling in love with a certain type of car the actor or musician was driving? Music videos have been a part of most of our lives since the 80s so these images have kind of become the norm for many and definitely the absolute norm for the millennial generation for sure. However, there is now a new twist on the way we may consume video and shop for the latest fashions.

There is a new website and app called Blingby. What is Blingby, you ask? It is a new app specifically created to give users the opportunity to live similar to their favorite music stars. It’s true. If someone spotted Taylor Swift, The Weekend, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber or Beyonce wearing a specific outfit, then they would simply go to Blingby on their laptop, tablet or smartphone and research where the actual product or something similar can be ordered from and presto, the fans and superfans can dress or live like their favorite artists.

It’s cool because you can watch your favorite music videos and at the same time can buy the same styles and even book a trip to the same places or rent the location where the video was made. Sounds intriguing huh? Too get started simply download the FREE app from the Apple iTunes App Store or the Android app from Google Play.

This is an awesome option for the busy person with the approach of the upcoming holidays, a friend’s birthday or maybe just to treat yourself. Either way, this format can add another highlight toshopping by allowing customers to enjoy their music.

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