David Duchovny in NYC for a book signing on April 12, 2016

9ae6c414bf38184d747b360226b51659X-Files and Californication fans were in for a treat on Tuesday, April 12, 2016. Barnes and Noble in New York City hosted film and television actor David Duchovny to discuss his new book entitled “Bucky F**king Dent.”

Duchovny started the talk explaining what the title meant and event shared with the few people in the room who did not know, who Bucky Dent was and why he used that name for the book. Duchovny spoke to a packed house and even answered questions from the attendees.

Duchovny is one a few actors in Hollywood who holds an advanced degree and this was very evident as he discussed the writing process. This is his second published book and it based on a fictional character by the name of Ted Fullilove. The book focuses on the relationship of a father and son through their mutual love of baseball.

Of course the evening would not be complete without there being questions about one of Duchovny’s most notable roles as Fox Mulder on the hit TV series The X Files. January 2016 welcomed the return of the show with a 6 series event and audience members wanted to know if there would be another opportunity see this believed character. Duchovny simply stated “I am not opposed to it, but it depends on schedule.” This seemed to enough for the diehard fans attending the signing.

Before ending the talk for the night, Duchovny read a few excerpts from the book, then was on hand to personally sign all book purchased. For more information on David Duchovny and his book, visit the Barnes and Noble website. Fans can also keep up with David on social media, TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

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