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David Duchovny in NYC for a book signing on April 12, 2016

9ae6c414bf38184d747b360226b51659X-Files and Californication fans were in for a treat on Tuesday, April 12, 2016. Barnes and Noble in New York City hosted film and television actor David Duchovny to discuss his new book entitled “Bucky F**king Dent.”

Duchovny started the talk explaining what the title meant and event shared with the few people in the room who did not know, who Bucky Dent was and why he used that name for the book. Duchovny spoke to a packed house and even answered questions from the attendees.

Duchovny is one a few actors in Hollywood who holds an advanced degree and this was very evident as he discussed the writing process. This is his second published book and it based on a fictional character by the name of Ted Fullilove. The book focuses on the relationship of a father and son through their mutual love of baseball.

Of course the evening would not be complete without there being questions about one of Duchovny’s most notable roles as Fox Mulder on the hit TV series The X Files. January 2016 welcomed the return of the show with a 6 series event and audience members wanted to know if there would be another opportunity see this believed character. Duchovny simply stated “I am not opposed to it, but it depends on schedule.” This seemed to enough for the diehard fans attending the signing.

Before ending the talk for the night, Duchovny read a few excerpts from the book, then was on hand to personally sign all book purchased. For more information on David Duchovny and his book, visit the Barnes and Noble website. Fans can also keep up with David on social media, TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

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Let’s “Werk 101” with Author Koereyelle DuBose

371d4f9851bc7c4f66d057e40dd3a913On Wednesday, February 10, 2016 in New York City, invited members of the press and guests had the opportunity to hear from author, educator and speaker Koereyelle DuBose to discuss her new book and book tour. The book is entitled “Werk 101.” and is simply a guide written to empower women and young girls to go after their goals and not settle for less.

Although there are a few books on the market instructing people to go after their dreams. WERK 101: Get-Your-Life-Together Guide is the ultimate handbook sharing health, wealth, and lifestyle lessons for the modern-day woman and it is done with such a unique flavor because of the voice of the writer.

Koereyelle DuBose, that many consider “the voice of single women,” fiercely empowers you to “WERK” for what you want by first WERKing on you. She wants people to actually get ready to let go of the victim mentality and be liberated, but she not only talks about it, she displays this in who she is today. Through each page, Koereyelle shows you how to create a powerful, positive mindset, and design your life’s destiny on your own terms.

She is creative, knowledgeable, and a dedicated, educator and entrepreneur whose goal is to empower women worldwide. As a business owner, she is the founder of The Single Wives Club and a host of a weekly Blog Talk Radio Show, R.E.A.L.

Koereyelle’s choice of work stems from her deeply rooted desire to help create change in the lives of others. A former educator, Koereyelle holds a Bachelor of Education degree from Tennessee State University and a Master of Education degree from Central Michigan University, which have provided a foundation in curriculum design and creating workshops and programs.

Currently based in Atlanta, Koereyelle has her hand in a number of projects across the city and is best known for her work with The Single Wives Club, an innovative organization dedicated to preparing women to become wives, nurturing femininity and protecting family, which was born as a result of Koereyelle’s own life experiences with life and love. After a failed engagement, Koereyelle realized that in order to prepare for Mr. Right, she needed to become Mrs. Right. Her goal is to educate and empower single ladies to become better women before becoming a wife. Through her organization, Koereyelle encourages, educates, and provides resources for “single wives” to sharpen skills in the areas such as health, beauty, finance, and spirituality.

Although the book does require work, the goal is for like minded women to enjoy life and become all they were created to be. For more information, check out Koereyelle DuBose’s website and like the book says, Werk 101.

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‘Back To School With The Historymakers’ Program Brings Black Leaders To NY-Area

e37bf67b4bd38e01e466c42d32aaf136Education in the United States, especially in large cities in New York and Chicago have been troublesome for years. Business leaders have been attempting to tackle this problem from many angles. There has been some success and various organizations continue provide programs to continue national awreness on this issue.

On Friday, September 27, 2013, students in the New York-area schools will get to hear the husband-and-wife team of Ray Chew and Vivian Scott Chew, and other leaders, as they join hundreds of African American HistoryMakers across the nation for the 4th Annual Back to School With TheHistoryMakers program to COMMIT to excellence and finishing their education.

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is chairing the nationwide effort with the goal of having more than 500 black leaders go “back to school” in 68 cities and 30 states. The program putsHistoryMakers in direct contact with over 25,000 students across the nation, to inspire them with their life’s stories and to encourage youth to strive for excellence.

The theme of the day is “COMMIT.” The HistoryMakers will personally recount their own school experiences and the struggles that they encountered on their paths to success and, most importantly, to encourage students to COMMIT to their education.

In a recent interview with The HistoryMakers Executive Director, she states, “We are trying to create a movement, but telling stories.” The HistoryMakers Founder and Executive Director, Julieanna Richardson, goes on to say, “By bringing these living leaders into today’s educational system, we are raising awareness about the achievements of the accomplished African Americans in local communities and bringing these leaders into schools to see things firsthand, while providing important role models for today’s youth. ”

Richardson is encouraging educators everywhere to use The HistoryMakers’ digital archive to enrich their students’ exposure to the contributions of African Americans across the globe. This year, schools participating in the event will receive a free one-year membership for the digital archive, which includes extensive and easy-to-access interviews with 310 HistoryMakers.

Last year’s successful Back to School With The HistoryMakers program sent nearly 500 of our HistoryMakers into schools in 77 cities and 35 states, including 102 year old “Bloody Sunday” civil rights pioneer, Amelia Boynton Robinson, neo soul artists Kindred the Family Soul (Fatin Dantzler and Aja Graydon), singer and actress Freda Charcelia Payne, and actor Harry J. Lennix. Many of the HistoryMakers have now adopted a school, one of the goals of the initiative.

The HistoryMakers, the nation’s largest African American video oral history archive, is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit dedicated to recording and preserving the personal histories of well-known and unsung African Americans. To date, the organization has interviewed over 2,000 HistoryMakers, with the goal of creating an archive of 5,000 interviews (30,000 hours) for the establishment of a one-of-a-kind digital archive.

For more information, visit The HistoryMakers website at, and The HistoryMakers Education page at

Hill Harper at the Hue-Man Bookstore in Harlem, New York

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