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Social Music Takes on a Whole New Meaning With the Shoudout! Platform

Shoudout logoIt’s been said that we can live our whole lives to a soundtrack.  Music makes us happy and sad and keeps us company whether we are driving or working or even working out.

Unfortunately, these days, people find themselves listening while engaged in a far less productive activity… staring at the social media feeds on their phones.

Shoudout hopes to change all of this with its unique new “Crowd” based platform.  Phonetically spelled, Shoudout has developed an app for users to record six-second sound bites, called shoudouts, which can then be “dropped’ into streams of music where listeners can hear them between songs.  Using either Shake Radio, a Pandora-ish service built right into the Shoudout! App, or Shoudify, a service which allows Spotify listeners to hear their playlists along with shoudouts, listeners simply choose the “crowd” they want to hear from and then go about their productive lives and let the social media come to them from within the music.

Shoudout’s own in-app service, SHAKE RADIO, is a smart tuner that learns your music preferences to enhance your music experience so if you don’t like a song, just shake your phone and shake radio will find you another station. Every few shakes, you will hear shoudouts from people in your crowd. Did you like what they said? Again, just shake the phone to send them a “thumbup,” which is Shoudout lingo for “like.” Everything is shake activated, so this makes SHAKE RADIO the perfect app for driving. Shake your radio, so your focus can remain on the road where it belongs!

For those of you that can’t live without your Spotify playlists, Shoudout has developed a free sister app, Shoudify, which asks you to enter your Spotify credentials (premium or free!) and then lets you enjoy your playlists, the Spotify curated lists and even search up other user playlists. Every few songs, you will hear a shoudout from someone in your chosen “crowd.”

What is “crowd”, you ask?  A “crowd” is Shoudout’s answer to the Facebook Group.  Using the Shoudout app, users can form crowds and then invite their friends or people with similar interests to join. A ‘Crowd’ can be can be XL Rated which is unfiltered for members 18 years or older or non-XL which blocks out the $@#%. Also, your ‘Crowd’ can be Public or Private and be assured that what happens in your Private Crowd stays in your ‘Crowd’.

Now comes the fun part. Have you ever heard the statement? “I LOVE listening to commercials!” This has probably been said by NO ONE … EVER! Shoudout’s music services allow the user to hear their music, their friends and NO ads. Now that’s something to shoudout about!

If you want to learn more about Shoudout!, Check out the website,  and stay up to date with news and events via their social media handle, @shoudoutapp on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and YouTube.

Pretty soon you will be saying “…but first, let me drop a shoudout!”

World Cup Madness Not Just for the Millionaire’s Club Only

56b8ce226a117259f923feed645790e2Many individuals all over the world love sports. Some people love to play sports while others just enjoy watching. While some sporting events seem to attract a certain status of personas such as members of millionaire clubs, it is definitely a subject where many can share as they encounter others during their travels, business dealings or throughout their daily lifestyles.

This seems to be one of those moments. It is that time once again for the FIFA World Cup which has captured international attention. In the US and around the world, fans are attending the affair as well as watching it on television and cheering as their favorite team plays for the final trophy.

For 2014, from June 13 through July 13, Brazil is hosting the event and it has attracted personalities from the average sports fan to the millionaire club sports fans. The attendance and buzz has been absolutely amazing. Major celebrities have been a part of the event. Singer and superstar Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull opened with an explosive performance and each day there are thousands more of movers and shakers, millionaire matchmakers, politicians, along with other high profile individuals attending.

For the folks who were not able to travel to Brazil, there are FIFA World Cup parties in almost every major city in the world. Sports bars in cities like London, New York, Tokyo, Paris, San Paulo, Beijing, Geneva, Cape Town, Sydney, Frankfort, and Moscow are providing a venue for fans to gather with other sports fans alike.

Even individual sport fans and enthusiast have created or thrown their very own parties in their homes. Some have taken it a step further and took the opportunity to rent out venues in their perspective city to invite their friends, family and colleagues to enjoy the love of the World Cup with them.

Having this access to view such a major global event almost gives the average person not actually attending the World Cup, the feeling as though they have reached the millionaire players status. They can witness all the excitement and action and enjoy just the same.

The World Cup is such an international occurrence that all can enjoy no matter what and seems to bring people of all cultures together. Whether you are there live and up close or watching on a television screen, the experience is no less exciting for people who really do love the game. So, even if you are not a Millionairematch member or not, you are encouraged to enjoy the game, the conversation and the overall experience.

TinyStic in NYC Helps to Turn Your Smartphone Into a PC

be8d92023a40381ea55293e584bfb0d0There is something new happening in a small startup office in New York City and if you don’t know about it now, you will in just a few months. It is a new product called TinyStic. What is TinyStic? TinyStic is a new technology that turns your smartphone into a PC. Based on core Miracast technologies, the new USB sized device (the TinyStic) allows users the ability to connect a Bluetooth keyboard (included) and a Bluetooth mouse (included) to a smartphone.

Users can then connect their smartphone to an external large display or big screen TV to access and enjoy all of their files, including office productivity tools,games, movies and more. “The smartphones of today are 30,000 times more powerful than the computer that I programmed on as a 7th grader” said Eric Hamilton, founder of TinyStic. “It only makes sense to use technology to unleash the true power of our smartphones.”

Traditional notebook computers are seeing less and less usage. Nonetheless, consumers still desire the use of larger screens and keyboards when performing certain computing tasks. The TinyStic is destined to be a hit among the mobile consumer.

Pricing and Availability – The TinyStic will be available fall of 2014 at an estimated retail price of $149. However, early adopters will be able buy the TinyStic in July on for $99 for a limited time. For more information on the TinyStic visit them at:

And definitely tell your friends. This product will something all will be talking about soon.

Apollo Theater Hosts Africa Now Festival in April 2014

8bece9e3e51a6f18bceafdc567a6887dThe legendary Apollo theater continues to bring some of the best events around New York City. In April 2014, in collaboration with World Music Institute, presents Africa Now, a four–day music festivalspotlighting today’s African music scene.

This event marks the second annual festival and will feature a powerful and impressive lineup of artists who have drawn upon their roots for inspiration – and transplanted them onto the global music landscape. Africa Now will be anchored by a blow-out concert, April 5th, on the legendary Apollo stage featuring: Malian songstress Fatoumata Diawara; Senegalese trio Les Frères Guissé; and reggae/Afrobeat collective Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars.

As part of the Apollo’s 80th anniversary season, Africa Now Festival further establishes the legendary Theater’s longstanding role as a creative catalyst for Harlem, New York, and the nation and as a platform for culturally diverse artists.

The Apollo Theater recently announced the public phase of a $20 million fundraising campaign to extend the nonprofit institution’s role in fostering artistic innovation, supporting emerging artists, and deepening its engagement with audiences locally, nationally, and internationally. The 21st Century Apollo Campaign supports the growth of a variety of programmatic initiatives, including the Africa Now Festival. The Theater is currently celebrating its 80th anniversary season.

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased through the Apollo Theater Box Office which is located at 125th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues, 212-531-5305 and Ticketmaster, (800) 745-3000 or

Wochit Launches Platform for Ever-Fresh Video Production

939d7f9a4e153ac5ce98f0deb0506792Looking for a great place to get some of latest videos and news feeds? If so, then Wochit is the place for you.

Wochit Inc. has launched its platform that provides web publishers with a constant supply of ever-fresh news video. The company’s platform produces videos practically in real-time, as stories break, combining large scale capabilities with high quality results. Publishers gain easy access to these videos, including through partnerships that Wochit has entered into with major distributors Grab Media and Rightster, and OneScreen’s Media Graph.
Rich and timely content is vital for audiences to access through web sites, mobile applications, news organizations, blogs, and other media entities, and news videos are especially effective tools to engage audiences. Wochit can provide abundant news video about a publishing site’s particular topics of interest, including using that site’s own content, or about practically any currently trending subject. This opens new revenue opportunities for publishers, without requiring the expense or commitment of launching their own video production operations.

“The motivation behind Wochit’s ever-fresh production is for publishers to grow their businesses with economical video that’s totally current, topical, and of the highest quality,” says Wochit co-founder and CEO Dror Ginzberg. “Wochit is dedicated to providing a constant supply of great video through collaboration with our partners including distributors, news sources, and footage providers.”

The distribution partnerships significantly scale operations for Wochit, which monitors tens of thousands of social media and syndication feeds to determine trending stories, and has arrangements with major providers of licensed footage and photography, such as Reuters and Getty Images. The company combines these partnerships with its technologies and its professional production talent to achieve scale capable of producing thousands of short-form news videos daily.

“Expanding the scale, breadth and freshness of our video catalog through partnership with Wochit enhances audience engagement for Grab Media’s publisher partners,” said Andrew Taylor, Vice President of Business Development for Grab Media. “Wochit’s ever-fresh production contributes to our core value proposition of seamlessly providing informative and entertaining videos that audiences love to watch.”

The live results of Wochit’s ever-fresh production are accessible at and on YouTube.

More About Wochit:

Wochit produces ever-fresh, studio-quality news video content about any topic as it happens. Web sites, mobile applications, news services, blogs and other publishing entities can utilize the company’s platform for new revenue opportunities and better audience engagement. By working with Wochit, a publisher effectively and economically achieves the effect of having its own newsroom for video production. Backed by major venture capital firms, Wochit is based in New York with offices in Tel Aviv.