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OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network unveils trailer of new original series ‘Greenleaf’

08d9dc235611d33eaeb125f86a684017OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network recently revealed an extended trailer of its new, original drama series “Greenleaf.” The series comes from Lionsgate and Emmy-nominated writer/producer Craig Wright who worked on the hit shows, (“Lost,” “Six Feet Under,” “Brothers and Sisters”). The series follows the story of the Greenleaf family and their Memphis megachurch. The story is intense, very enthralling and set to lure audiences in for a thrilling ride each week.

On April, 20, 2016 in NYC, the cast of the Greenleaf held a press screening and panel at the Roxy Hotel. Also on the same date, the cast which includes (Keith David, Lynn Whitfield, Merle Dandridge, Lamman Rucker, Kim Hawthorne, and Tye White) were available for second panel as part of the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival talk series lineup. Members of the production discussed their roles and were elated to share the first episode with the audience.

Photos used with permission from OWN TV Network

Photos used with permission from OWN TV Network

OWN will launch with a two-night premiere on Tuesday, June 21 at 10 p.m. ET/PT and Wednesday at June 22 at 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. ET/PT on the OWN Network. Afterwards, the series will regularly air on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT. The trailer can be viewed here.

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These 3 ladies from “Like A Boss” headed to being top media moguls

600803f048c5981639964a3b7fda8143Media and business moguls seem to have a wide range of experiences to get to the place where they finally reach their goals. Some start as assistants to high profile executives, while some others work for a friend or family member. Then there are some who just seemed to be born with the attitude and work ethic to do what is needed to be done to become that leader they always wanted to be.

The new hit Oxygen show, “Like A Boss” gives the audience access to the lives of bosses in the making. The show introduces Amber Grimes, Rian Parish, and Drekia Glenn. While these might not be household names as of yet, just keep watching because these three ladies have had experience assisting high profile executives and talent.

Recently, Amber Grimes, Rian Parish, and Drekia Glenn discussed their goals and reason for being a part of this popular show. Here is a little about the 3 media moguls in the making: Amber Grimes, is currently assistant to media mogul Nick Cannon. Rian Parish is the assistant to popular radio personality Big Tigger and Drekia Glenn is assistant to music executive Abou “Bu” Thiam. Within the show, these protégés are out to prove they have the drive, focus and ambition to be a future CEO.

Amber Grimes is an ambitious Atlanta native with an independent grind to make it in the entertainment world. She recently joined Nick Cannon’s team as his assistant to help him launch NCredible in Atlanta. Her career kicked off early by becoming one of the top college party promoters in the city. After making a big name for herself on the party scene, she furthered her interest in entertainment by promoting and managing several artists. Her hard work quickly led to her first executive assistant position at Def Jam Records for the Former Vice President, Abou “Bu” Thiam, as well as a brand ambassador position with Reebok. It was always this assistant’s goal to become a trailblazer in the male dominated entertainment industry, and Amber has done that by taking her experience with high level executives, major artists, and event planning, to start her own full service marketing company, The Cardi Brand Agency. Amber also uses her athletic background, passion for fitness, and major brand connections to host an all female health initiative, #PowerWomenSweat, that promotes healthy living and offers women of all ages free fitness classes and networking opportunities. Amber has big goals to make it as a powerful female in show business and to inspire other young women to always follow their dreams.

On the rise from none other than the wonderful “Peach State of Georgia”, a shining star was born, Miss Rian Parish. Talented actress, graceful dancer, and one who has been known to “rock” the mic, she is blazing the road to stardom. She has made her contacts in the entertainment game by becoming the right hand to some of Hollywood’s hottest stars and now she is making her mark as she breaks out from behind the scenes to steal the spotlight. Her bubbly personality, charisma, and quick wit make her the go to girl for hosting, emceeing, and interviewing. Rian has honed skills in every facet of the industry from behind the camera as a hairstylist and makeup artist, to owning scenes in television, film, and music video productions. Rian is fully aware that nothing comes easy or fast, and when she is not on set, she is learning the entertainment business inside and out. Currently, Rian is trying to perfect the balancing act between being an assistant to radio DJ and TV personality Big Tigger and being a mom to three kids. If being a mom and an assistant wasn’t enough, Rian is an entrepreneur having started a budding tax preparation and staffing business, in addition to hustling to jump start an entertainment career as an on camera host. Finding the time to do it all is tough, but if working for Big Tigger can give Rian one thing, it’s a chance to learn how to be an on air personality from one of the best.

After reaching out to music executive Bu Thiam, Drekia Glenn finally has her shot at the big-time and will learn the ropes as Bu’s second assistant. Dedication to her job won’t be an issue for Drekia as she has always been a hard worker. Her career goal is to run an entertainment concierge firm, serving the needs of all facets of show business from athletes to models to music artists and more. She is real and no nonsense and someone you will definitely remember after seeing her on the screen just once.

Although, these 3 ladies are very different, they have similar goals and that is to succeed and be role models in empowering other young women. They are each on their way and definitely expect to hear so much more from them in the coming years.

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David Duchovny in NYC for a book signing on April 12, 2016

9ae6c414bf38184d747b360226b51659X-Files and Californication fans were in for a treat on Tuesday, April 12, 2016. Barnes and Noble in New York City hosted film and television actor David Duchovny to discuss his new book entitled “Bucky F**king Dent.”

Duchovny started the talk explaining what the title meant and event shared with the few people in the room who did not know, who Bucky Dent was and why he used that name for the book. Duchovny spoke to a packed house and even answered questions from the attendees.

Duchovny is one a few actors in Hollywood who holds an advanced degree and this was very evident as he discussed the writing process. This is his second published book and it based on a fictional character by the name of Ted Fullilove. The book focuses on the relationship of a father and son through their mutual love of baseball.

Of course the evening would not be complete without there being questions about one of Duchovny’s most notable roles as Fox Mulder on the hit TV series The X Files. January 2016 welcomed the return of the show with a 6 series event and audience members wanted to know if there would be another opportunity see this believed character. Duchovny simply stated “I am not opposed to it, but it depends on schedule.” This seemed to enough for the diehard fans attending the signing.

Before ending the talk for the night, Duchovny read a few excerpts from the book, then was on hand to personally sign all book purchased. For more information on David Duchovny and his book, visit the Barnes and Noble website. Fans can also keep up with David on social media, TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

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Ghost Brothers comes to Destination America on April 15, 2016

3ab0b730c281cf36973be43f2f26223fReality shows are sometimes full of quite a bit of drama, but there are a few that are programmed for fun and even education. Now, while there are shows about ghost hunting, there is one about the hit television screens that is like no other. It is called Ghost Brothers and it has a very interesting and unique take on ghost hunting and the paranormal.

On April 13, 2016, in New York, Destination America hosted an exclusive press screening at the historic Algonquian Hotel for their latest show “Ghost Brothers,” a six-part docu-series featuring TV’s first African-American paranormal investigation team. The cast members Juwan Mass, Dalen Spratt and Marcus Harvey were on hand for a brief Q&A, which was moderated by marketing maven Shante Bacon. Following the Q&A, the cast conducted one-on-one interviews with attending press.

The story of “Ghost Brothers” follows three best friends– all raised in religious households – who take their healthy curiosity and passion for the paranormal to the next level. During the series, the trio tour a series of haunted houses throughout the U.S. to uncover the history and the truth behind the local tales. The series mixes in a blend of history, education with a little humor as the three men go about their quest to discover more about life after death and the supernatural and their specific take on this subject is like no other.

The first episode is set to air on Friday, April 15, 2016 at 10pm EST on Destination America. For more information on the show and the cast, visit the Destination America website. Also, there will ve updates and photos on Facebook and Twitter. The Ghost Brothers truly gives audience a new look on the ghost hunting.

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‘Sisters In Law’ series comes to WE TV

f3664b02b46ad3c8e5c04654c317023dJust when you thought there could be no new women centered reality shows around, here is another one to join the ranks. This time the story follows the lives of six intelligent female attorneys.

The show is set in Houston,Texas and the “Sisters In Law” series follows a close-knit group of elite high-powered black female lawyers as they juggle their families, busy careers, and even more demanding social calendars. The ladies may differ in their fundamental beliefs when it comes to right and wrong, but what they have in common is their passion for trying cases in a traditionally white, male-dominated profession. “Sisters In Law” documents their fascinating legal lives as well as their intricately woven personal lives. From trial prep and courtroom cross-examinations, to opposing council and opposing each other, watch as these powerful women struggle to remain civil under fierce competition and pressure.

WE tv and the Association of Black Women Attorneys (ABWA) hosted an exclusive screening of the docu-series “Sisters In Law, in New York City on March 23, 2016. The event began with a red carpet photo opps, a cocktail reception, a screening and ended with a Q&A with the cast moderated by TV/Radio personality Jacque Reid. Each of the cast member answered questions and shared some of their experiences as legal professionals. The show offers an honest look inside the lives of the very busy and successful women.

The first episode of the show is set to premiere on WE TV on Thursday, March 24, 2016 at 10/9c. For more information visit, the website.

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Holly Robinson Peete and Rodney Peete Docu-Series on OWN on March 19, 2016

05a0feccf993e13be28970a3edac8ab7Looks like there is another exciting and fun reality type show coming to the Oprah Winfrey Network, and although the show can be considered by some as a reality series, the show is really much more. The show, “For Peete’s Sake” deals with family relationships, but also includes information on Holly’s advocacy for causes like Autism and Parkinson’s disease.

For this show the talented and beautiful, Holly Robinson Peete allows camera’s into her home for the first time and joins the OWN TV Network’s popular Saturday night lineup beginning on March, 19, 2016. As the Peetes lovingly Work to balance busy careers With their hectic and always hilarious family life, fans will get a sense of feeling as the Peetes are part of their own family. The new comedic, dramatic and intimate OWN docu-series following the lives of husband and wife duo Holly Robinson Peete and Rodney Peete.

 As fans and some of their audience will know, Holly Robinson Peete and Rodney Peete were two of the brightest stars in their fields in the 80’s and 90’s. Holly lit up the small screen from an early she with starring roles in “21 Jump Street” and “Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper,” and her husband and NFL quarterback Rodney Peete dominated the league for 16 years. Now the duo are giving viewers an intimate look at their hectic and often-times comical lives as they attempt to balance raising their four kids, running a charity (the HollyRod Foundation) and spending time with Holly’s über-manager mother

Dolores who is still wheeling and dealing even as she approaches 80 years young. In a household where constant activity and change are the norm, the series celebrates the chaotic, yet loving dynamic of life in this magnetic American family.

In its premiere season, the Peetes fully display their knack for getting the most out of life no matter what curveballs might be thrown their way. Holly and Rodney are loving parents to their 17-year-old son RJ who has autism and was told he would never speak. Today, not only can’t he stop talking, but he enjoys advocating for special needs children. Meanwhile his twin sister Ryan is trying to decide whether to go to college or jumpstart a career in music.

Thirteen-year-old son Robinson caught the athletic gene from his father and would love to follow in his footsteps, but all the latest concussion studies have Holly wishing for a less dangerous choice. Rodney is beginning to feel the aches and pains in retirement, prompting Holly to have him visit a doctor to get tested after so many years playing football. And as a self-proclaimed “black-tress” of a certain age, Holly has struggled in recent years to find acting roles suitable for her and is ready to branch out and develop a lifestyle brand of her own.

Whether they’re setting up for their next big fundraiser, coaching their kids into lives of their own, or just trying to keep that special spark alive in their marriage, there’s never a dull moment with the Peetes.

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Vanessa Lachey talks about being super parent and Popsicle Partnership

VanessaThe always beautiful and smart Vanessa Lachey has been on our TV and movie screens for many years, first as a beauty contestant, then as a hip MTV host to having various guest appearances on some of television’s hottest shows and feature films.

These days, she has stepped into an even more important role as a wife and a mother. She recently entered into a partnership with Popsicle. As a working mom with two young kids, Vanessa knows parents sometimes feel like they need a superpower to get everything they need to do all done! This lead her to do something to inspire parents. She is partnering with the Original Brand Popsicle to help spread the word about their first-ever comic book.

Being the mother to a little, SuperHeros are huge in Vanessa’s household! And this summer, Popsicle released its first-ever comic book in partnership with SuperHero expert, Marvel Custom Solutions. Families can get a hard copy of the comic at select stores now, and the digital comics are on

Popsicle pops are one of Vanessa’s family’s favorite summertime treats, and sharing a Popsicle with your kids is a great way to spend family time together. Sold in the iconic yellow box, they help save families from summer “evils” like heat and boredom with their refreshing taste and bold flavors.

Other families can join in on the SuperHero fun by visiting to view and interactive video and even play a few fun games. To learn more about Popsicle, families can ‘like’ the Popsicle Facebook fan page at, and can follow Popsicle on Twitter at


Gabriel Olsen/ Getty Images for Popsicle

Orange Is The New Black Star Danielle Brooks Joins Cast-Broadway’s Color Purple

ColorOrangeThe revival and production of the Broadway show, THE COLOR PURPLE is coming together. as the powerhouse cast grows with some very talented women on board. Recently, DANIELLE BROOKS, who plays ‘Taystee’ on the hit TV show, Orange is the New Black, will make her Broadway debut as ‘Sofia’ in the upcoming Broadway musical revival of THE COLOR PURPLE.  A graduate of the Juilliard School, Ms. Brooks joins the previously announced JENNIFER HUDSON and CYNTHIA ERIVO in the critically acclaimed staging from London’s Menier Chocolate Factory.

Note:  All three extraordinary women will be making their Broadway debuts with this production.

Directed by Tony Award winner John Doyle, THE COLOR PURPLE will begin preview performances on Monday, November 9th at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre (242 West 45th street) and will officially open on Thursday, December 10.   THE COLOR PURPLE is produced by Scott Sanders, Roy Furman, Oprah Winfrey, David Babani, and Tom Siracusa.

A Young Hollywood Award Winner, DANIELLE BROOKS stars as “Tasha ‘Taystee’ Jefferson” in Jenji Kohan’s Orange is the New Black, a Netflix original series that follows the lives of prisoners in an all-women’s correctional facility.  Orange is the New Black will return for its third season on June 12th, 2015.  Brooks was born and raised in South Carolina before heading to NYC to attend Juilliard’s drama program.  Brooks’ other credits include the Sony/Rovio animated feature, Angry Birds, alongside Maya Rudolph and Josh Gad; HBO’s Girls; the indie feature film I Dream Too Much, executive produced by Richard Linklater (SXSW); and Time Out of Mind, written and directed by Oren Moverman, starring Richard Gere.


Actor & Comedian Flex Alexander Set to Emcee The Comedy Underground Series Live

FlexFor all you comedy lovers and Flex Alexander fans, he is back and it seems like in a big way. The Urban Movie Channel is excited to announce the production of the second installment of the Comedy Underground Series featuring Flex Alexander – actor, comedian and star of OWN docu-series ” Flex & Shanice“. Taping for the second , installment is set to take place on Friday, July 17th at the Alex Theater in Glendale,CA.

Each volume of the Comedy Underground Series will begin airing on Urban Movie Channel starting at the end of July. Flex Alexander will host an evening of urban entertainment. The current line up includes stand-up acts Red Grant, Alex Thomas, Chastity Washington, Capone, Kevin “Damn Fool” Simpson and Jay Lamont, with MC Lyte and DJ Jermaine deep in hip-hop beats.

While the first Comedy Underground Series hosted by Tony Rock premieres on July 24, 2015, Silver Lining Entertainment is in the thick of production on their second installment. This series will highlight actor, comedian and star of OWN docu-series “Flex & Shanice,” Flex Alexander and a fresh batch of stand-ups. After interviewing, Flex he stated that one of his main goals was to “spread the love and laughter to all while introducing new comedians to the world”, which is a very positive and welcome statement these days. In addition, Flex Alexander is very busy these days with various projects with The Comedy Undergroound being the first of many.

So California comedy fans, get ready because from six-thirty to seven-thirty p.m., audience members will be captivated by The Comedy Underground Seriesstar-studded, red carpet of invited guests such as: Vivica A. Fox, Shanice, Jenifer Lewis, Sharon Leal, All 4 One, Elise Neal, Tatyana Ali, Eva Marcille, Tamar Braxton, Lloyd Boston, Billie Woodruff, Michael Jai White, Darren DeWitt Henson, Malinda Williams, Mike Epps, Jackie Christie and more.

The show will commence at seven-thirty p.m. with the always hilarious Flex Alexander taking the mic and six comedians, all who have been performing nationally for over ten years. Comedienne and funny individuals with jokes standing by are once again: Chastity Washington, Red Grant, Alex Thomas, Capone, Kevin “Damn Fool” Simpson and Jay Lamont. Hip-hop pioneer MC Lyte and DJ Jermaine are slated to be live on the decks, “mixing it up,”marrying music to laughter. Music and comedy go together hand in hand; likewise I am excited about bringing the music to the Comedy Underground Series,” said MC Lyte.

Following the comedy show, will be an invite only, industry reception for VIP’s and performers. Founder of Silver Lining Entertainment and executive producer of the American Black Film Festival (ABFF) 2015 Grand Jury Prize winner “The Night Before,” Angela White is spearheading The Comedy Underground Series. The EP has helmed award-winning films such as “The Sin Seer” and Overflow Entertainment’s “My Sister’s Wedding,” “The Last Letter,” and “Who Can I Run To.” Joining Ms. White’s production team is
“Redemption of a Dog,” “My Favorite Five,” and “Marriage Chronicles” writer-director-producer Paul D. Hannah and “Superstition,” “Supermodel,” and “Blackbird” producer Carol Ann Shine.

Each showcase in the series is scheduled to air on the Urban Movie Channel (UMC) with distribution via RLJ Entertainment, the premier independent owner, developer, licensee, and distributor of entertainment content and programming throughout North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia. A leader in numerous genres including feature films with urban themes, RLJ is set to release the Comedy Underground Series Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 in late July 2015.

The Comedy Underground comedians will not only perform on stage and make themselves known, but also give the audience a behind the curtain glimpse at their climb to success. Each comedian discusses life on the road and their triumphs and tribulations throughout the comedy industry on that quest for nationwide exposure. For more information about The Urban Movie Channel (UMC), visit: their website and follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

Celebs Attend Pre-ESPY Awards Event For American Federation for Children

EspyIt’s all about partying with a purpose! As a prelude to the ESPY Awards scheduled for Wednesday, July 15, 2015, celebs and athletes came out to support the 4th annual ‘ Champions for Choice,’ pre-ESPY Awards dinner presented by the American Federation for Children. WNBA Hall of Fame star Lisa Leslie and NBA veteran Jalen Rose hosted the event, which honored actress, TV host, and philanthropist Holly Robinson Peete and her husband, former NFL quarterback, Rodney Peete.

The annual Pre-ESPY’s celebration to support school choice was held on the rooftop of the Luxe Hotel and featured a live performance by Grammy Award winner Michelle Williams (Destiny’s Child). ” My commitment is to children across the nation and I am happy to be a part of making a difference and education is key to keeping the doors of opportunity opened,” said host Lisa Leslie.

In attendance, at this years event were: Oscar Award-Winning actor Lou Gosset Jr, Hall of Famer Lisa Leslie, Actress Holly Robinson Peete, former NFL player Rodney Peete, Marcellus Wiley, TV Personalities Hank and Kendra Baskett, Gloria Govan & Tiffany Cambridge, Actress Elise Neal, V Bozeman from (Empire), TV host Shaun Robinson, NBA legend John Salley, Norm Nixon, Dawn Richard, Shanice Wilson, Garcelle Beauvais and actor Robert Christopher Riley, to name a few.

This event was held to honor all of the charitable work the Peete’s have done over the years to help needy children. The decision to have an event such as this just in time for the awards show is to bring more awareness to such an important cause. In addition, there is the hope to have more notable individuals get involved.

Check out the ESPY Awards on ABC and for more information on American Federation for Children visit their website: