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WAYLT Episode 1 – Talking About Phantom

An unexpected conversation about the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack while taking the train to NJ.  

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Writerjudy Asks “What Are You Listening to?”

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Podcast: Talking about music and what others are listening to. There is also talk about life, a few jokes and fun during the 15- minute talk.


I live in NYC and ride the subway daily. I also am a lover of music.  As soon as I walk out of the door and head to the subway I plug in my iPhone and turn on my music.  I always keep my channel on shuffle because I always like to be surprised, as to what might be coming up next.  It always fun.

The premise of the podcast

Who does not love music? I know I do and I have a very diverse musical taste.  When my iPhone shuffles, my songs can easily go from Jazz to New Age, Blues, R & B, Rock or Country to Hip Hop or R & B to Heavy Metal. In addition, I love songs from many decades.

In a world where lately many people feel divided, wouldn’t it be nice to get them together through music?

Well, I am in NYC and I take the subway daily.  Almost everyone on the train is listening to music.  I always wonder what others are listening to so wouldn’t it be cool to ask them and they tell you are you are surprised, learn something new or just break the ice.

This could strike up a friendship, introduce someone to new music, make the commute easier or nothing at all, but it will result in an encounter that you will not forget.

And let’s be honest, who does not love music?  Music brings back good memories and even sad memories, but it never fails that when your favorite song comes on you want to sing along or dance.

So keep listening to your music.  Maybe you want to keep what you listen to private, but believe me, there is someone else who may want to know “what are you are listening to?”

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