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Things Do Get Better

NYCSkylineAs I have talked to many people over the past 4 years after being laid off from a great career for the first time, I still encounter a lot of pain.  When I talk to individuals, I hear fear, anger, frustration and uncertainty.  Truly I do understand having these feelings and emotions but I can also take the time to tell people that it actually does no good.   In fact, feeling this way can even make things worse.  For me, personally I knew deep down that something had to change.  I need to think a different way, but how would I start.  So, I thought about it and decided that maybe I should go back to church, start reading some positive books, watch the OWN Network’s Super Soul Sunday, etc. and I did.

I took my time an found the church that worked for me. and in my downtime, I read positive books, watched positive programs on various channels and each day I began to feel better.  The thing that is funny is that my situation did not change right away, but I started to feel better about life.  I was starting to go to more networking events, invitations on LinkedIn, meeting nice people and I had a better outlook on life.  Now, I will be honest, there were days when I wondered if things would change, but I decided that my attitude did not have anything to do with how things were so I made a choice to be happy and thankful no matter.

Then one day it happened.  Little by little things began to change for the better.  I started getting more interviews and meetings.  It took a little time to get back into the game, but situations continued to change.  As I write, this blog there are even more things happening and I am very excited and know there are more good things to come.  If I had to give advice to anyone, it would be this: Things do get better, and it really can begin to happen when we do something as simple as change our attitude.  It really is up to each individual and hey, what could it hurt?  Be honest with yourself.  Has being negative or pessimistic really been to your benefit.

Just a thought.  Wishing you the best.

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