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What if the person lies about what they look like online?

It’s that time. You have been internet dating and talking to your new online friend for a few months and now it’s time for the first meeting. How do you feel? Are you excited, anxious, or relaxed about it? Do you think the person will be the same when you meet them in person? How about the photo? Do you think they will look the same as the photo they posted online or have you even thought about it?
It might be something to keep in mind just al little. One reason I say this is because I have heard some horror stories about people posting their better looking friends or relatives photos online then being honest only when they meet the person that have been chatting with the past few months. It may sound crazy but it happens more than you know and should be something to look out and listen for when talking.

Actually before meeting, it might be a good idea to discuss the images posted online. You can start by revealing how recent your photos are or if you just took the pictures. Once you give this information you are free to ask the same thing to the person you are talking to. This may make them more open to state the same information. If you feel uncomfortable talking about this subject you can always make a joke of it. Whenever I am about to meet someone I met online I say something like “I know you can’t wait to meet me so you can see that I did not post my cousin’s pictures online.” I immediately laugh so the person can get an idea that I am secure with out impending meeting.
The rule I always use is to never post a pictures that is over a year old if you include it with newer pictures. If you are one of the people who posts only one photo, my advice is to never post one over 6 months old. People normally don’t change the quickly unless they have had an accident or gained or lost weight. Remember a passport photo does not have to be updated for 10 years but if you do make significant changes in your appearance it might be a good idea to post new photos on your online profile.
The goal of online dating is to get in contact with new friends and maybe find the love of your life. Being as honest as possible about everything especially your true appearance can set the tone for your relationship. People who experience the bait and switch become sour and most of the time, don’t even want to be friends with the person they feel has deceived them. It may seem like an old moral but it is still true. Honesty is the best policy and it is even more relevant when meeting a stranger online.

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