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2011 X Factor winner Melanie Amaro is back with new music and a new attitude

96dbd477440df4fcad95415dd2bab629It’s been a few years since this young music phenomenon came to our attention, but fear not, she is here once again to let us know for sure that the X Factor judges were not wrong with choosing her as the grand prize winner for the 2011 music competition.

After a few years reflection and time to regroup by getting to know herself, this twenty-four year old young lady is coming back with a bang. She has new music and a new sense of self like none before. Fans who have been waiting will be in store for so much more than they ever thought and that’s only part of the good news.

On, Thursday, April 14, 2016 in NYC, Melanie Amaro sat down to discuss some of her upcoming plans as she is set to release her new EP entitled “Nice Nasty.” No longer signed to a record label, Melanie recently collaborated with rapper Fabolous on the song entitled “Dust” and is planning to release another song called “The One” along with a cool new video. Although there is no official date yet set on the release of the video, the plan is to have it released before the summer 2016.

During the interview, Melanie Amaro, mentioned being excited to see that her fans were still rooting for her. This was great news for her to hear as she prepares for being ready to step back into the spotlight. This appears to be just wanted she needed because Melanie even admitted that “she was shocked and overwhelmed” that she won the 2011 X Factor title and how important it was for her to take some time off to regroup for such a life changing experience. Now, she is back to make music and reconnect with her fans. When asked how she came up with the name of the album “Nice Nasty”, she stated that that there were “two sides to her personality, but is totally leaving it to her fans to interpret.”

Although, upcoming song entitled “The One” was written for Melanie, she did have a hand in creating it and the theme for the new music video. She also mentioned that she loves making music and being in the studio. Since music is number one in her life, it is important for her songs to be emotional and this is very evident in current her music. Another personal revelation she shared and one that people might not know is that, Melanie is also quite versatile with a few other talents. She loves to cook and even likes doing hair and makeup.

Currently living in Atlanta, Georgia, she is hoping to tour soon to promote the new EP. One other bit of news she shared was that she is pitching a very unique idea for a reality show. The concept is very positive and will definitely inspire others that might be on a similar musical journey.

After speaking with this talented young lady, it is apparent that she is here to stay and with the passage of just a little time, it seems as though she has only gotten better. For more information on Melanie Amaro, check her out on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Vevo.

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