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DJ Aktive on tour with Janet Jackson

0417dffe7ae279ec3aa343997b6c0116As many may know, the musical icon Janet Jackson, is currently on her world tour and is probably set to be performing in a city near you. So far the show has gotten rave reviews due to it’s energetic, mind-blowing stage shows and performance! Janet does not disappoint fans with her well choreographed dance steps and hit songs. The fans will get a taste of nostalgia from her hits from the late 80’s and 90’s and will have the chance to experience something very new and fresh.

Opening the Unbreakable Tour show currently is DJ Aktive, who is the official tour DJ for all current and upcoming shows. DJ Aktive entertains the crowd and opens the show with his own unique music set and then DJs during Janet’s performance. DJ Aktive may be new to many Janet Jackson fans, but this won’t be the case for long. As he opens for her during the Unbreakable Tour, he delivers a breath-taking intro to rev fans up for more fun and the anticipation for the legendary tour.

DJ Aktive’s resume is very impressive so far and includes dj’ing for the following: Kanye West, Common, Jennifer Hudson and more! When having the opportunity to speak with him, he gushed about how much of a dream come true it was for him to work with Janet Jackson. He is indeed talent and yet very humble and truly brings his A-Game to the show along with Janet.

The combination of a 90’s musical star along with an very in demand DJ is just what the doctor ordered and is an example of what an awesome talent, Ms. Jackson is and has been for years. With this tour, Janet continue to prove her talent will last as long as she wishes for it to last, and it looks like fans are as excited about that as well.

The Unbreakable Tour is currently set to continue until June 2016. For more information on the tour visit the website. Also, for updates and news on DJ Aktive visit his website.


The Apollo Theater inducts 3 veteran comedians into the Apollo Walk of Fame

6998907bbf5c73138209f9826a1c2759As a part of a new series, the Apollo Theater launched a new comedy initiative called the Apollo Comedy Club. The Apollo Comedy Club opened its doors on Thursday, October 1, 2015. Directly preceding opening night.To kick off the series, the theater inducted non-musical artists into the Apollo Walk of Fame. The honorees were veteran and groundbreaking comedians: Jackie “Moms” Mabley, ReddFoxx and Richard Pryor, all of whom had a longstanding relationship with the theater and are considered Apollo Legends. In fact, all three comedians have left a major impact on comedy today and are often mentioned by current and rising talent when asked who inspired them. For the ceremony, some of the family of the late legends were on hand to speak and an acknowledge the induction.

The Apollo Comedy Club has a partnership with the Bob Sumner who might be best known as the producer of Def Comedy Jam and the creator of LAFFMOBB on Aspire TV. The series will showcase some of the iconic Theater talent returning to its comedic roots as it further expands its robust programming offerings.
7344c62864b835c8e74e33443e031b69In addition, the Apollo Comedy Club will feature an evening of comedy on the Apollo’s intimate Soundstage starring the best up-and-coming talent in comedy today. The first season of the comedy club will run from October 2015 to June 2016. For the show, doors will be open for bar, food and music by DJ Qool Marv at 9pm and the show begins at 10pm with host Smokey Suarez. There will be laughs and so many more surprises to come. For more information visit: